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Dead World / HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-

「Dead World」歌詞


As they all lay on the ground
With that empty sound
The deafening silence says it all

With blood on the floor
I'm torn to the core
There's no one to answer my last call

Let go
Feed your brutality

When all of the idols fall to dust
The lime and the rust
consume the answers

Think of all the precious things I've lost
and this is the cost I'm paying

All that I hold true
I submit them to you
For all of the strength I'm given

All I hold for you
Will it be enough?

And when you look in my eyes
When my heart finally dies
Do you see the pain I'm holding to

And deep in my soul
I've lost all control
And all of this brings me back to you

For all of the times I walked alone
For all of the seeds of war I've sown
I see the dead world that you have left for me

When all of the castles fall to sand
Alone I still stand
Atop this mountain

But all of these feelings overcome
Remind me just why I'm fighting here?

The lightning crashes and the sky turns black
Our wrath is here you better run from the storm

The storm

And all of the leaves will turn to ash
And thunder and lightning start to crash
When fire and chaos starts to spread
I only know, I only know

I know of the emptiness inside
I know of the fear that makes us hide
I pray for the times I'll stand up to you

And when you look in my eyes
My rage starts to rise
The ever consuming wrath that grows

But I was so blind
And all of this time
I didn't control the path I chose

When all of the dust would finally set
I stand here alone with my regrets
I see the dead world that you have left for me

I see the dead world that you have left for me

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