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six feet under / Mori Calliope

「six feet under」歌詞

歌手:Mori Calliope
作詞:Mori Calliope・TK

When I'm gone
I hope it takes no thought at all
To reminisce at our old photos, stuck to rotted wall
Picturesque, full of lovely dreams
I'd never wanna let 'em know how the mighty would fall

Days at the start line, simple, fragile, frail
Somehow the dark room washed out their every detail
When did our hearts lose pulse and tip the scale?

Who was I back at the start?
Young, foolish, idealistic
Thinking I could take what was perfect and "fix it"
Sinking even lower, life was good, now it's twisted
Deals with the devil that I should have resisted

Watching, waiting
Conscience fading

Romance-speak like "hopes and dreams" are just one
Reality is made of many, I'm out-gunned

Watching, waiting
My self-hating

Never figured why I was surprised to find
Half-truths are an alibi for straight up lies

Feels like I'm singing six feet underground
This heart is beating without any sound
There are no second chances for me
Nobody's likely to come back around
Upon the ashes of what once grew here
I'll plant a seed and depart by night fall
Was I the hero no one believed?
Was I the villain after all?

Innocent days are in distant hindsight
And the imminent nostalgia, it hits and blind-sides me
What remains couldn't match the dream
Or explain how it all went so down-stream

Watching, waiting
Conscience fading

More alone now than ever before
A wretched god of a mess on a dusty castle floor

Watching, waiting
My self-hating

Good to be the hate-sink, I can take the blame
Collect power from the pointless pain

People wanna see the beauty where there is none
In a world that doesn't compensate anyone
Afraid of ugliness, they back away and run
Look at me directly, we're not done
Sometimes to do what's right
You have got to fight
Tooth and nail to
Break rules and chase the light
I can't stop the noise
I can't sleep tonight
Would you catch me here, need a sign?

Watching, waiting
Conscience fading
My self-hating

朽ちていく 理想の花 乾ききった 蜜の味
あの頃の ユートピアが 夢隠しに あったみたい
どこまで行けるかな バラバラにされたヒーロー

Jump, fall, stay alive
Just wanna save a live
Jump, fall, stay alive
Just wanna save a live

Jump, fall, left behind
Just give me one more try

Feeling less of a human
like every day I've been losing
A little more of me, I'm sorry
But this beggar is choosin'
To run away at the eleventh hour
Living in infamy
There is nothing left here for me
There is nothing left dear to me
Cuz I wanna escape it
Nothing gets better until I make
The decision to double it down
And double triple the stakes
I'm never giving in I'm invincible
Nobody stand in my way I'm a criminal
Unwinnable battles cover the city in
In a silence so deafening
Never be ever be anyone else

人が人を傷つけて 愛とか夢 着続けて
Still dreaming you'll accept me
Imperfect, in shambles, it hurts but I want you to smile

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