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Dancin' in the Moonlight / INORAN

「Dancin' in the Moonlight」歌詞

作詞:Tim Wellard

They said that I could never be an angel
The said I didn't have what it takes
Didn't know it, didn't know that I was stronger
And I had a hunger

So I took my car and drove past the sunset
And I stood all alone under the sky
The I waited, waited for an invitation
For inspiration
From the constellations

And one by one, the stars came
Like diamonds in the darkness
And washed away my heartache

And it felt like I was flyin'
And all my fears were dyin'
And I could see the moon risin'
And I could see the moon climbin'
And I could see the moon shinin'

Didn't know how much I needed to stumble
Didn't know how much I needed to fall
Didn't know it, all the time I was wastin'
The time I was fakin'

I realized that I'm lookin' for somethin'
Now I've opened my eyes―wide awake
I gotta know it, I gotta know
where this road takes me
And whether it breaks me
Or whether it makes me

And I can feel you move, yeah
And I can know the truth, yeah
And I don't want to lose, yeah

And I can take it higher
And I can touch the fire
And I can see the moon risin'
And I can see the moon climbin'
And I can see the moon shinin'
And I can see your eyes smilin'

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