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上田正樹「Soul to Soul」のジャケット画像

Soul to Soul 上田正樹

作詞:Suzi Kim・上田正樹

Hold on, yes I'm comin',
I'm a soulman and I thank you "Sam&Dave"
Sittin' in the Morning Sun, Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
He was a king of Memphis Sound "Otis Redding"
I'm a Honky Tonk Woman and Gimme some Honky Tonk Blues
And Proud Mary, rollin' on the River "Tina Turner"
I think I better Knock, Knock on wood "Eddie Floyd"
And please don't take my Sunshine Away "Soul Children"

Transcending time and tradition Gender and transitions
My brothers taught me how to be Respect them Soul to Soul
Gotta keep on keeping on Carrying on their spirits
For my sisters have shared with me A loving Peace of Mind

Trying to live my life without you, baby "Otis Clay"
When the night has come, Stand by me "Ben.E.King"
Honey Baby, I've been told, yes Walking The Dog
Way dowan to the South in America, Watts Tax "Mr. Rufus Thomas"
Respect yourself and I'll take you there "Staple Singers"
Yeah, My Georgia, Georgia on my mind
He was genius! and my Favorite! "Mr. Ray Charles"

歌い続けてきた 初めからずっと 彼らが言ってた 心がすべてと
Gotta keep on keeping on
歌ってきた 地球にいるから 愛がすべてと

Soul to Soul...

歌い続けてゆく これからもずっと 彼らが言ってた 心がすべてと
Gotta keep on keeping on 歌ってゆく 地球にいるから 愛がすべてと

Respect them Soul to Soul
A loving Peace of mind
Respect them Soul to Soul
A loving Peace of mind

アルバム「Soul to Soul」収録曲



1 Change The World 〜君たちが世界を変えてゆく〜Let's get on down, time to get
2 Don't you worry 'bout tonightDon't you worry 'bout tonight
3 Hey Brotherずっと ずっと やりたいことがあ
4 First BaseThe bubble's busted and our he
5 悲しい色やねにじむ街の灯を ふたり見ていた
6 R&B 聴こえてくるよR&B 聴こえてくるよ R&B どんな
7 The Light in Your EyesHow can I thank you For the lo
8 Name of The GameWhat goes up has got to come d
9 Soul to SoulHold on, yes I'm comin', I'm a
10 わがままいつもの様に帰ってゆく ほほえ

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