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Guilty Cry

歌手:Acid Black Cherry

I can feel my heart beat dying
there is no one here to save me
trapped into the days of madness
time has come for me to end now

犯した罪を死で償え 我こそが断罪せし者

I will run for my life
no escape from the knife
I will burn, go to hell
curse me down from the spell
I will pray day by day
god will say, I'm the prey
I will dive to the flood
sacrifice all my blood

穢れた数多の罪人よ 今その愚かさを知るがいい

Save me...
I'll surrender, take any
Please don't kill me for your vengeance
Death is coming by slowly
I don't want to die, forgive my sins

Guilty Cry
報われない その運命(さだめ)を嘆き
Guilty Cry
咲き乱れ 紅く染まる跡に
Endless Pain
Death will find you

I will die crucify
pay the price for my lies
I will scream go insane
sacrifice all my pain

絶望を前に泣き叫べ 逃れられぬ運命(さだめ)を呪え

Dead end...
Judgement day is here for me
Kill me with your angry violence
Nothing I can do only
Screaming out, no one will rest in peace

Guilty Cry
報われない その運命(さだめ)を嘆き
Guilty Cry
咲き乱れ 紅く染まる跡に
Endless Pain
Blood in darkness

嘆き叫べ もがき苦しめ

I'm dead...
Go ahead there's no mercy
Strike me with your sword in silence
I shall go and die lonely
Crying out this is my destiny

Guilty Cry
報われない その運命(さだめ)を嘆き
Guilty Cry
咲き乱れ 紅く染まる跡に
贖い続けろ 永遠の暗闇へ
呪いを課せられた 十字架を背負い
Endless Pain
Dead for your sin
Death by Bad Blood

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