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Revenge1 RevengeNEW Trigga fingaz high up in di air
Love Me Up2 Love Me Up Roll me up Smoke me up Oh baby
洗脳 ft. DOGMA & 鎮座DOPENESS3 洗脳 ft. DOGMA & 鎮座DOPENESS 下界に忍ぶ三体の菩薩が Neo babylonia
NWO4 NWO Are you ready for the vendetta
NEBUTA ft. kZm : AL ver.5 NEBUTA ft. kZm : AL ver. Wax on wax off Mask on mask off
Open It Up6 Open It Up Uh ahhh open it up あるはずもない扉
Poison ft. NENE7 Poison ft. NENE 涙を片手に注ぐ Potion 傷跡は栄光
Bloodshot ft. JP THE WAVY8 Bloodshot ft. JP THE WAVY Lil bitch sit down お前の男はよく知ってる
紙飛行機9 紙飛行機 鉛の指から流れるメロディー 激しく染める
4:4410 4:44 あの日の約束 あなたは覚えているの?
Lose Control11 Lose Control Lose control all over me とろける声が
What You Want ft. IO12 What You Want ft. IO Right now Why you price down? Why
First Light13 First Light Nuff blessing in your eyes 涙にも感謝して
Gangsta14 Gangsta I say Man from the gully side Babylon
Pressure15 Pressure How long have you been down? There'sドラマ「『部長 風花凜子の恋』会長 島耕作 特別編」主題歌
DEIGO ft. OZworld16 DEIGO ft. OZworld (Islands of mystical power 月桃
Arigato17 Arigato I'll cry you a river 海へと渡るこの涙
Shook Shook18 Shook Shook 「まさか女が来るとは」 「君臨するとは」
Sign19 SignNEW Tableの上に100milli yen deal Signしてあげますわこの
Patrona20 PatronaNEW (Victorious warriors win first
Awake21 AwakeNEW Pandemic Plandemic 地球よ are you
Good Bye22 Good ByeNEW Please don't say goodbye You can't
Bad Bad23 Bad BadNEW Oh tell me why 君に出会う前でも


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