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Ryu Matsuyamaの歌詞一覧
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Light1 Light Someday will you find me? Still
Words2 Words もしも僕がひとりぼっちならば この文字すら書けずに
愛して、愛され feat. 塩塚モエカ(羊文学)3 愛して、愛され feat. 塩塚モエカ(羊文学) 愛され、欲しがられ 名前を呼ばれて
Blackout feat. mabanua4 Blackout feat. mabanua And then comes the dark suddenly
Boy5 Boy Don't cry oh little boy This life
Heartbeat6 Heartbeat Tell me why I'm breathing so painfully
Go Through, Grow Through7 Go Through, Grow Through Slowly in my vein I can feel the
Sane Pure Eyes8 Sane Pure Eyes I was always worried about what
No. One9 No. One Frozen in the ground Pieces of
Friend10 Friend Soft cold morning I can see my


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