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White Out / I Saw You Yesterday1 White Out White out And you will feel it all around In the sun You fe
Topia / I Saw You Yesterday2 Topia Honey, feel me like nobody Freely slowly like nobody Dreami
Beach Babe / I Saw You Yesterday3 Beach Babe In the long summertime Waiting for sunrise I can't find my
Hometown / I Saw You Yesterday4 Hometown Here we go To see what we never saw To see what I never show
The Glare / I Saw You Yesterday5 The Glare I was lost in the air There is nothing to scare Blinded by g
City Girl / I Saw You Yesterday6 City Girl Hey, I just want to say that I know your ache You are a litt
Feel It Like You See It / I Saw You Yesterday7 Feel It Like You See It The fading sliver lights on the floor Now you will see, open
Calm Days / I Saw You Yesterday8 Calm Days Sleep again in another sorrow Nothing here to follow Sleep

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