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1 Borderland Walking 0n the wild side Music
2 Borders & Walls Manufactured enemies And prede
3 Interstate 46 Finally facing the last day St
4 3, 2, 1 Go You said I can see the lights
5 ボストーク 流れる雲みたく なりたいと思っ
6 Get Up A boycott shut down another st
7 Free Throw Wildlife in the sandy land Bar
8 Reasons It's too late to turn back Tho
9 What I Left Today I am nothing but a man And I r
10 Leaving Without Us For a time she drowsed in a ti
11 Two Little Fishes Our whisky bottles are dry And
12 My Instant Song The last Sunday in this coasta
13 Gone Nation's on red alert, while n
14 ROCKSTEADY 旅立ちの時はすぐに訪れた 夜だ
15 Roxette Wonder how you've been, and wh
16 Parking Lot Tell me if it's all about Some
17 Carry Your Torch The fallen lay along the way A
18 Moth To Flame Flutter aimless on tattered wi
19 When I Was A King I'm walking on the train track

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