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Heads and Tails / NOISEMAKER1 Heads and Tails My sadness still reminds me of my past feeling To discard my
Her Diamond / NOISEMAKER2 Her Diamond This is the last time she would run From the pain she has ob
City Light / NOISEMAKER3 City Light Migratory birds, they know the way They have no words, they
Face the Storm / NOISEMAKER4 Face the Storm When you're backing off 'Cuz you're not enough Face the stor
Horizon / NOISEMAKER5 Horizon You want an answer from others Did you find out what you wan
Oblivion / NOISEMAKER6 Oblivion When I get closer Don't you go further I just want to hold y
MAJOR-MINOR / NOISEMAKER7 MAJOR-MINOR After harmonies with the crowds Why am I waking up alone In
Dry / NOISEMAKER8 Dry Consuming so I'm Craving for Completion I'll never know you

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