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Heads and Tails1 Heads and Tails My sadness still reminds me of
Her Diamond2 Her Diamond This is the last time she would
City Light3 City Light Migratory birds, they know the
Face the Storm4 Face the Storm When you're backing off 'Cuz you're
Horizon5 Horizon You want an answer from others
Oblivion6 Oblivion When I get closer Don't you go
MAJOR-MINOR7 MAJOR-MINOR After harmonies with the crowds
Dry8 Dry Consuming so I'm Craving for Completion
Spineless Black9 Spineless Black Breathe out Don't change? Freaked
Better Days10 Better Days When the seasons change and Memories
THE ONE11 THE ONE My generation, My new age Stand
MY TIME12 MY TIME 7 days and 7 nights A thousand
Because13 Because Did I let you down? Why can't you
SILENCE14 SILENCE Laying underneath the sky, I try


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