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1 In/Out Stay awake in bed Waiting for
2 Gotta Find A Light I need to talk I've been lost
3 Last Goodbye Pain in my chest Does it go aw
4 Same Old Thing Wait I'm not ready Still tryin
5 Too Good To Be True I wonder if there's someone ou
6 Fast Car Sometimes need to be alone Nee
7 Keep On Marching You can never leave your past
8 Magic I've been traveling From your
9 Melt The less time with a pen The m
10 The Dream I had a dream which's same jus
11 What's Gonna Be? I know you heard Heard this be
12 Pinball Baby I'm scared That I make yo
13 Set Me Free Swimming in the deep deep end
14 Always On My Mind Well I think I'm confused Oh s
15 Please Please Please There're too many things So I
16 Bad Behavior I don't know why it's so hard
17 Youth Trace your beacon Live in your
18 Not Too Late Don't waste emotion Not too la
19 By Your Side Hold your head up high I'll be

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