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1 Wake Up Call歌詞 Wake up call The meaning of my
2 Honesty歌詞 Slowly time is going fast Tell
3 Mighty Clash歌詞 I want to hold your hand You k
4 Phantom歌詞 It's sad but rockstar was dead
5 Grassroots歌詞 What should I call you? I coul
6 Extreme歌詞 When I close my heart I see Th
7 Midsummer's Wave歌詞 It's like taking a walk in spa
8 Smash The Babylon歌詞 Tonight I wanna smash your fea
9 Knockin' on the door歌詞 I will put my trust in God Can
10 Surface歌詞 Dreaming of peace It's now or
- - - ◆ 曲名      - - - ◆ 歌い出し - - - ◆ ミニ情報   
11 Life is...歌詞 Can't stop my war Life is not
12 Gloria歌詞 Now is the time for you to fac
13 Frustration歌詞 Wanna skip my workout. Put it
14 Hope歌詞 Don't play around who killed m
15 Wall Ride歌詞 Don't look at me like that Let
16 Prepare Yourself歌詞 This song is for a perve Just

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