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1 Extreme When I close my heart I see Th
2 Gloria Now is the time for you to fac
3 Grassroots What should I call you? I coul
4 Knockin' on the door I will put my trust in God Can
5 Mighty Clash I want to hold your hand You k
6 Midsummer's Wave It's like taking a walk in spa
7 Wake Up Call Wake up call The meaning of my
8 Surface Dreaming of peace It's now or
9 Life is... Can't stop my war Life is not
10 Hope Don't play around who killed m
11 Wall Ride Don't look at me like that Let
12 Honesty Slowly time is going fast Tell
13 Phantom It's sad but rockstar was dead
14 Smash The Babylon Tonight I wanna smash your fea
15 Frustration Wanna skip my workout. Put it
16 Prepare Yourself This song is for a perve Just

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