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UPLIFTED / Survive Said The Prophet1 UPLIFTED Street lights invade the lonely dark Felt alone when these s
found & lost / Survive Said The Prophet2 found & lost 「かかってこいよ」と叫んだって そう思っていない時もあってしアニメ「BANANA FISH」オープニングテーマ
T R A N S l a t e d / Survive Said The Prophet3 T R A N S l a t e d FUCKIN JAP ぐらいわかるよ、馬鹿やろう DIE 不快な思い 向かい
S P I N E / Survive Said The Prophet4 S P I N E Echoes marching in the dark through the world that I once be
Right and Left / Survive Said The Prophet5 Right and Left I was trying to call but the line was busy all night on the
NE:ONE / Survive Said The Prophet6 NE:ONE 越えたくて、ただ変えたくて 自分自身を追い詰めてみたりしたっ
The Happy Song / Survive Said The Prophet7 The Happy Song Passing every second along Then bought away my time cause it
still believe / Survive Said The Prophet8 still believe What if I wanted to stop Break free from my part Sail out an
RED / Survive Said The Prophet9 RED In spite of how the world decides to see my life Would I stiアニメ「BANANA FISH」エンディングテーマ
lost & found / Survive Said The Prophet10 lost & found 「かかってこいよ」と叫んだって そう思っていない時もあってし
MUKANJYO / Survive Said The Prophet11 MUKANJYO TO SINK OR SWIM、生き残るために DOG EAT DOG WORLD だと言い聞アニメ「ヴィンランド・サガ」オープニングテーマ
Bridges / Survive Said The Prophet12 Bridges Everyday's a reason For you to give up everything Success be
Inside / Survive Said The Prophet13 Inside Using words like not enough Like it's a different kind of lo
Your Head / Survive Said The Prophet14 Your Head No one's gonna care until you make it Some will laugh at you
Calm:Unison / Survive Said The Prophet15 Calm:Unison Circle taking squares over the size of its pride Comfort tak
Last Dance Lullaby / Survive Said The Prophet16 Last Dance Lullaby Good bye, it's good night I'm waiting for this one chance Pl
Heroine / Survive Said The Prophet17 Heroine I know I've made mistakes for heaven's sake We're all just s
Never; Saying Never / Survive Said The Prophet18 Never; Saying Never It's not like I'm trying to be someone else But I must admit
3 A.M. / Survive Said The Prophet19 3 A.M. On the side of the road with the breath in the air not a car

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