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B.T.B / FABLED NUMBER1 B.T.B They tried make us go to rehab but we said "No No No No". We
Symphonies Of The Dawn / FABLED NUMBER2 Symphonies Of The Dawn I'm jumping up and crying out. New Era's coming my way. Gott「吉井さん〜オヤジの音楽狩り〜」1月テーマソング
No Control / FABLED NUMBER3 No Control I'm a Thief. I'll steel your heart. Can't keep my hands to m
All Living Things / FABLED NUMBER4 All Living Things You can't afford your heart. Are you alright? Why do you rus
I Bet My Life (or Death) / FABLED NUMBER5 I Bet My Life (or Death) Don't give up Bet my life I won't make deadly my life Go fig「おしゃべりオジサンとヤバイ女」エンディングテーマ
Windshield / FABLED NUMBER6 Windshield I jump and grab your heart and love I don't know how make yo
After A Storm Comes A Calm / FABLED NUMBER7 After A Storm Comes A Calm Banged up. I'm sick to death of suffering. I spent too much
The Sundown / FABLED NUMBER8 The Sundown We're here tonight. It's like a dream in a dream. We need to
I Should Be Going / FABLED NUMBER9 I Should Be Going Where should I go and what should I aim for? I was going dow

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