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BLUE SAPPHIRE / HIROOMI TOSAKA1 BLUE SAPPHIRE (So why) 解き明かしてみせる真実(アンサー) (So bright) その拳劇場版「名探偵コナン 紺青の拳」主題歌
EGO / HIROOMI TOSAKA2 EGO うつむかないで Let's make it right 時は過ぎてく 帰る場所なん
With You / HIROOMI TOSAKA3 With You ずっと素直な君を見てると 愛しく思う気持ちから胸が苦しくなる
WASTED LOVE / HIROOMI TOSAKA4 WASTED LOVE Talking like that... We're gonna fall Talking like that, tal
DIAMOND SUNSET / HIROOMI TOSAKA5 DIAMOND SUNSET I can't wait for that time Sunset in your eyes, I know... bu
Smile Moon Night / HIROOMI TOSAKA6 Smile Moon Night 見上げた夜空に響けSing Sing 数多(あまた)の星降る夜の中 僕ら
END of LINE / HIROOMI TOSAKA7 END of LINE Each day we live could be our last, from now on Important th
FULL MOON / HIROOMI TOSAKA8 FULL MOON I don't need to see you I don't need to hear your voice どん「ロートジープロ」CMソング
Not For Me / HIROOMI TOSAKA9 Not For Me You are beautiful, so perfect いつも見てるから And you are k
HEART of GOLD / HIROOMI TOSAKA10 HEART of GOLD つまづいたことのない人なんていないんじゃないか? 別れの悲し
OUTRO 〜ECLIPSE DE LUNE〜 / HIROOMI TOSAKA11 OUTRO 〜ECLIPSE DE LUNE〜 Lights go off We can make love on a full moon Everything's
SUPERMOON / HIROOMI TOSAKA12 SUPERMOON Time never waited すり抜けて行くだけ So why are you standing
UNDER THE MOONLIGHT / HIROOMI TOSAKA13 UNDER THE MOONLIGHT Under the moonlight Under the moonlight You should find out
OVERDOSE / HIROOMI TOSAKA14 OVERDOSE No where yeah yeah yeah yeah 思い出だけが残る町(町.町) 何も
One Way Love / HIROOMI TOSAKA15 One Way Love 誰より 君の笑顔を ずっと見ていたい I wanna make you mine 誰
Who Are You? / HIROOMI TOSAKA16 Who Are You? I don't really know I don't really know Oh yeah I don't real
Nobody Knows / HIROOMI TOSAKA17 Nobody Knows Break Break Break... Break the moon It's 'bout that time 深
NAKED LOVE / HIROOMI TOSAKA18 NAKED LOVE On to me… I just wanna know 君の白いシルエット Lights can

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