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Hibana / THE SIXTH LIE1 Hibana 夜を刺す無数の遠吠えが 天を貫いた 僕らみんなたった一つの満月アニメ「ゴールデンカムイ」エンディングテーマ
Flash of a Spear / THE SIXTH LIE2 Flash of a Spear 静寂がはびこった 昼と夜との境界線 物陰に隠れていた 僕はずっ
Shadow is the Light / THE SIXTH LIE3 Shadow is the Light [Everything reflects the darkness] 真っ暗な街の 表面(うわべアニメ「とある科学の一方通行」オープニングテーマ
P A R A D O X / THE SIXTH LIE4 P A R A D O X I will never say yes I know it's narrow inside of the caske
Sun & Moon / THE SIXTH LIE5 Sun & Moon The sky is higher than I expected The space is lager than I
Burn to Fly / THE SIXTH LIE6 Burn to Fly Now we burn to fly 冷えきった高い壁に 囲まれて Going nowher
Phone Call / THE SIXTH LIE7 Phone Call I'm asking you; how would you feel If I would fall into this
Scissors / THE SIXTH LIE8 Scissors Sometimes you feel sad But you will never rely on me なんで
Massive Attack / THE SIXTH LIE9 Massive Attack There are so many traps Nothing is trustworthy, nothing is u
Secret Town / THE SIXTH LIE10 Secret Town The end of this year is about to come along Our memories are
In the Rain / THE SIXTH LIE11 In the Rain どれくらい眠っていたんだろう? 滴が斜めに頬を伝った 傾いてる
Action Phase / THE SIXTH LIE12 Action Phase We all have someone to love Somewhere we once had belonged B
Cassette Tape / THE SIXTH LIE13 Cassette Tape Turning over a page of an old diary What is it that I look a
Everything Lost / THE SIXTH LIE14 Everything Lost 冷たく輝く街の 湿った部屋の片隅 何も知らない僕に光が当たった

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