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It's Who We Are / Nulbarich1 It's Who We Are A boring sunday is the situation でも嫌じゃないって思えた to
Handcuffed / Nulbarich2 Handcuffed Take me where I belong You put me back on track Just wake me
Follow Me / Nulbarich3 Follow Me Follow me this town has gave a lot to me it's like my home楽天カード「Apple Payポイントザクザク篇」CMソング
On and On / Nulbarich4 On and On (On and On...) It's a one fine day 空いた two cups of coffee
Ordinary / Nulbarich5 Ordinary 思い通りにはいかないけど それなりに having fun 代わり映えのロート製薬「エマーブル」WEBムービー
In Your Pocket / Nulbarich6 In Your Pocket Sincerely, your friend ずっと free に try Carry a little sec
Spellbound / Nulbarich7 Spellbound Can I ask your name? You look so far away 立ちすくむ雨の中で
Onliest / Nulbarich8 Onliest I have what I need and I got what I wanted I thought I was p
NEW ERA (88 REMIX) / Nulbarich9 NEW ERA (88 REMIX) Cuz I don't have enough No second thoughts That smile is my
Almost There / Nulbarich10 Almost There I bought a one way ticket もう戻らない あとは have fun それ
Zero Gravity / Nulbarich11 Zero Gravity A second from the past Stars are dancing in the universe ね
Supernova / Nulbarich12 Supernova In my dreams Met a girl that looks so fine Had a date and sh
ain't on the map yet / Nulbarich13 ain't on the map yet I'm never sober Over and over そばにいて oh please With you
Heart Like a Pool / Nulbarich14 Heart Like a Pool Once a day he used to say drawing a picture 理想通りの your
Kiss You Back / Nulbarich15 Kiss You Back Seven days in a week dream flies 叶わなかった What I've been資生堂「アネッサ」CMソング
Sweet and Sour / Nulbarich16 Sweet and Sour I just posted my life いつも通り What did you see そっちはどドラマ「デザイナー 渋井直人の休日」エンディングテーマ
Lost Game / Nulbarich17 Lost Game Hello my dear 運命は不条理って その通りで Hello my dear たと映画「HELLO WORLD」主題歌
Look Up / Nulbarich18 Look Up Baby baby baby tell me why you look so down Do you do you doCITIZEN「クロスシー」CMソング
VOICE / Nulbarich19 VOICE I'm the silent one 使い回された 言葉だけじゃ 満たされないみCITIZEN「クロスシー」CMソング
Silent Wonderland / Nulbarich20 Silent Wonderland Walking the wire the breeze will blow どこに繋がってるかは d映画「台北暮色」エンディングテーマ
All to Myself / Nulbarich21 All to Myself 今言えるのは No one above you It's almost been a hundred tim「三井アウトレットパーク」CMソング
JUICE / Nulbarich22 JUICE How you doing? If I had a spoon 好きな分だけ scoop My baby w
Toy Plane / Nulbarich23 Toy Plane Mama used to say Don't play with a gun Don't hurt anyone So
Ring Ring Ring / Nulbarich24 Ring Ring Ring 余韻が彩る normal day Cuz I had fun last weekend I've lost a
Focus On Me / Nulbarich25 Focus On Me I can't see where I'm going it's foggy I can imagine nothing
Super Sonic / Nulbarich26 Super Sonic One day I've got a new weapon That's how I'm still living as
Stop Us Dreaming / Nulbarich27 Stop Us Dreaming I'm wide awake now I can't sleep I got this fire raging insi
Twilight / Nulbarich28 Twilight After the rain 町の街灯とハイウェイ 照らしたstreet 開放的なb
Kiss Me / Nulbarich29 Kiss Me It's hard to be a normal person that's just not me I'm writi
Get Ready / Nulbarich30 Get Ready Let me check it one two いつでもI'm ready 鳴らせwhistle Ain'
Rock Me Now / Nulbarich31 Rock Me Now Flipping my diary Repeating history Asking the question I'm

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