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Bird 〜people with wings〜 / The BONEZ1 Bird 〜people with wings〜 It's just another rays of light stars moving around tonight
LIFE / The BONEZ2 LIFE I have a question and I wonder why We were born with two eye
Rude Boy / The BONEZ3 Rude Boy I'll be back I'll be back I'll be back as new I'll be back I
Until you wake up / The BONEZ4 Until you wake up I'll wait for you until you wake up to see a smile on you I
One more / The BONEZ5 One more People walking down the streets Looking at phones getting lo
SUNTOWN / The BONEZ6 SUNTOWN Waking up in my room thinking what to do today I'm ready to
Kings work / The BONEZ7 Kings work Yes I work But I play hard anyways Yeah everyday thing, kin
Code name / The BONEZ8 Code name Hatred still lives in my sleep It wakes up the devil and eat
Nice to meet you / The BONEZ9 Nice to meet you (Oh) All of it all of all of it now I'll give you my all (Oh
Anthem / The BONEZ10 Anthem My shoelace is untied, I trip over my feet all the time I kn
See you again / The BONEZ11 See you again Oh Oh Oh I'll see you again so you'll see us again Oh Oh Oh

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