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> DAY6
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I Wait (Japanese Ver.)DAY6 I wait 聴かせて ここで I'll be
I JustDAY6 Ah バカだね そんな気は 無いよ
If 〜また逢えたら〜DAY6 君が 残した言葉 まだ この胸 疼ドラマ「リピート 〜運命を変える10か月〜」主題歌
Everybody Rock!DAY6 Ah yeah Everybody now Come on
Congratulations (English Ver.)DAY6 I don't even know how I can ta
Stop The RainDAY6 White turns to black 空が 少し
Say HelloDAY6 「ごめん」って感じの表情 しな
Nobody KnowsDAY6 歩き慣れたこの帰り道 滲む街灯
FallingDAY6 希望という言葉 そこに 浮かぶ
Breaking DownDAY6 It's not the world But it's me
Baby, it's okayDAY6 Baby, let me see your eyes (Wh
You Were Beautiful (English Ver.)DAY6 The things I'm about to tell y
Live Your LifeDAY6 It's everyone I mean no except

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