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春夏秋冬GILLE I wanna be there with you when
100万回の「I love you」GILLE The words "I love you" they do
Butter-FlyGILLE I want to be a Butterfly So co
ロックンロール・ウィドウGILLE All 'bout them girls? Mr. Rock
HIKARIGILLE Can you hear me? I am standing
Dreamin'GILLE 光るDance floor Spot light 浴
ヘビーローテーション (STAR-FILLED remix)GILLE I want you! I need you! I love
FURUSATO feat. N.O.B.U!!!GILLE La La La... 広い青空 頬にふれ
Smile AgainGILLE 強がりな君が 涙こぼした そのわ
恋におちて feat. 小林明子GILLE If my wishes can be true Will
WILL (2013 New Version)GILLE I need you. like you need me Y
はつ恋GILLE I know my love could be hurtin
真夜中のドア〜stay with me〜稲垣潤一 Duet with GILLE To you… yes, my love to you Y
深愛GILLE Looking up with you right by m
六本木心中GILLE Don't you tell me what your lo
DiamondsGILLE As I rest my bare feet in this
恋人よGILLE Withered leaves they fall, dar
年下の男の子GILLE Cheeks stuffed full of apple h
愛が止まらない 〜Turn It Into Love〜GILLE Did you believe I'd let you do
行くぜっ!怪盗少女GILLE Yes! Yes! Cover the Rosy Pink
Live While We're YoungGILLE Hey girl I'm waiting on ya I'm
LIFEGILLE The world I see through my fog
JODYGILLE Jody, I'm crying again I'm wal
Locked Out Of HeavenGILLE Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah yea
さくら(独唱) -English Ver.-GILLE I promise you I'll be waiting
Try AgainGILLE 「あの頃に戻りたい」だなんて
恋文 〜ラブレター〜GILLE Everytime you look at me and y
GrenadeGILLE Easy come, easy go That's just
Rolling In The DeepGILLE There's a fire starting in my
ひまわりGILLE Let me jump into the blue sky
ポニーテールとシュシュGILLE Time flies by, the calendar is
あったかいんだからぁ♪ feat. 押尾コータローGILLE Give you my special soup Now l
林檎もぎれビーム! feat. 鈴木このみGILLE Apple Picking Off Beam! Apple
Q&A リサイタル!GILLE Everytime I think about you, Y
Enter Enter MISSION!GILLE Enter Enter the MISSION! Gonn
INNOCENCEGILLE The secrets that we hold keep
僕らの夏の夢GILLE Over that hill lies the memori
MUSICGILLE Remember this ここにいるよ 君
ONE -君がいる理由-GILLE 今どこにいるのかわからなくて
Because Of YouGILLE 涙を拭いて 空を見上げて Don't
Place To GoGILLE You can take a chance now So s
Listen!GILLE 青く染まる空 歌う楽しさ覚えて
忘れないよGILLE さよなら そんなの嫌だ さよなら
BIG SUMMERGILLE 朝 海へと誘う風 うんっと背伸び
MOTHERGILLE 私が産声を上げた 寒い寒いあの
MONKEY MAGIC feat. ミッキー吉野 from ゴダイゴGILLE Born from an egg on a mountain
ひこうき雲GILLE Laid across a perfect blue sky
ウォンテッド(指名手配)GILLE There's a man who's stolen my
GILLE It seems that I remember - the
I Love you, SAYONARAGILLE Always had your faith You stoo
ヒーローGILLE I see you walking through the
女々しくてGILLE I'm like a girl I'm like a gir
じょいふるGILLE C'mon people, let me hear you
アルクアラウンドGILLE I walk around, I'm nowhere, no
夢やぶれて -I DREAMED A DREAM-GILLE I dreamed a dream in time gone
WishingGILLE 君と出会ってから 過ぎてった季
Believe YourselfGILLE Time 思うよりずっと早く過ぎて
A.T.W! feat. DAISHI DANCE × SHINJI TAKEDA (GDsound Ver.)GILLE Just gotta go find you and Tak
Feel The SunGILLE Make you shine, shine, shine,
Try Again (English Ver.)GILLE You wish you could go back to
Winter DreamGILLE Only one, Winter dream Wanna k
GIRLS (English Ver.)GILLE Ma-I-A Hi, Ma-I-A Hu (Hey, let
GIRLSGILLE Ma-I-A Hi, Ma-I-A Hu (Hey, let
フライングゲットGILLE NaNaNa NaNaNa NaNaNa NaNaNa Na
やさしくなりたいGILLE You're now traveling around th
ButterflyGILLE Butterfly like the sky you're
また君に恋してるGILLE Morning dew caused the radianc
タイム・トラベルGILLE An old apartment On the outski
PARTY ROCK ANTHEM feat. STEVE JAYGILLE Party Rock! Yeah Woo Let's go