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FOUR GET ME A NOTSの人気歌詞ランキング
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1 Stop keeping things as you are歌詞 You don't have the resolution
2 All is simple歌詞 Heart beats when I hearing you
3 Fingerjabber歌詞 Go further away Don't go back
4 Lifework歌詞 Drowned in greed Also crushed
5 Here we go歌詞 Spread your wings away I'm tir
6 A whole new world歌詞 I can show you the world Shini
7 Void歌詞 Look into the sky The clouds a
8 Marigold歌詞 "We should call it an end" DoFMヨコハマ マラソン大会テーマソング
9 Flare歌詞 I'm chasing but it all keeps r映画「Flare」エンディングテーマ
10 Sail歌詞 Straight ahead walking through「大阪城公園リレーマラソンフェスティバル2015 supported by ASICS」公式応援ソング
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11 Music is my life歌詞 I started to sing and play gui
12 Set you free歌詞 You're telling me the same kin
13 Memento歌詞 Picked up a rolling stone My e
14 Hate歌詞 You seem to act like you're a
15 Thirst歌詞 I'm falling in the storm of ra
16 Stars歌詞 See the shooting stars above Y
17 Now歌詞 You're just waste of time I'm
18 One drop of water歌詞 Doesn't matter who laughs at m
19 Hum歌詞 I want to leave something spec
20 Precious歌詞 Come over I have a song precio
21 The first thing歌詞 I know today inside this neutr
22 Sick and tired歌詞 Did you really mean that from
23 Waifs歌詞 Can you hear me? Where did you
24 All I need歌詞 We have influenced each other
25 Spade歌詞 Making armor with words Chargi
26 Song of the cloud歌詞 Just another day gone by wind
27 Shaun's walkway歌詞 Everyday of my life I tried to
28 Walk together歌詞 I hope you keep shining your s
29 Independence歌詞 "Don't know why you just don't
30 Arrow歌詞 Don't you want to see what sti
31 By your hands歌詞 It started simple and I end up
32 Milestone歌詞 Beyond this hill it floods ray
33 Left behind歌詞 The ones living today We need「バナナ塾」3月度エンディングテーマ
34 Cosmos歌詞 I'll accept everything of you
35 Rivals歌詞 You and I we have been such ri
36 Same sky, same ground歌詞 Out of reach infinite sky So t
37 Sunflower歌詞 You called and woke me up I op
38 Determination歌詞 To keep my promise That I had
39 Awakening歌詞 The brainwashing that's on TV
40 Tears can change it歌詞 If a small thing could change
41 Cocoon歌詞 Even though I had so much I ne
42 Untitled歌詞 We can share it all bring back

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