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Starting New LifeTOTALFAT Sunny day in spring Season, we
Life Like MoviesTOTALFAT お前の言うことにはついていかな
Nothing ButTOTALFAT I can't slay and lay Nothing b
OverdriveTOTALFAT I can fly away with everyone I
Highway The LegacyTOTALFAT ------------------------------
Stable HeartTOTALFAT One more time, let me try I'll
Teenage dreamTOTALFAT East and west Drive so fast We
Room45TOTALFAT One more time! Start it over!
Angry ShotgunTOTALFAT I'm feeling down it's beating
Jungle FeverTOTALFAT Hey guys, do you wanna drive t
Space FutureTOTALFAT 鼓動は静けさを刻み 目指すは暗
Wait For The SongTOTALFAT Waiting, waiting for the song
Call It LoveTOTALFAT Everyday stay with me Tonight,
R.I.P.TOTALFAT Some one says we'll become a s
ROCKERS IN DA HOUSE!!TOTALFAT Go! For it This is the answer
X-streamTOTALFAT Don't give it up!! Give it up!
Just Say Your WordTOTALFAT 涙堪えて飲み込む言葉なんて ノ
Highway Mark4TOTALFAT Go straight Don't escape You c
We Rise AgainTOTALFAT How many days did we leave? Ca
Echoes Inside My MemoriesTOTALFAT I remember when I was a boy I
Friend Never SucksTOTALFAT Tell me why The reason for you
The Naked JourneyTOTALFAT I woke up in a terrible spiral
Chase MarsTOTALFAT Sun's going down Sky turns to
AlwaysTOTALFAT If I could be the last man of
Attack Or DieTOTALFAT Sadness fills up my heart toni
Good Bye, Good LuckTOTALFAT You say good bye 旅立ちのとき
Take It OverTOTALFAT Go straight, take it over Don'
Life Is Such a Danger FlightTOTALFAT Day by day, step up Try to mak
Place to TryTOTALFAT Fight!! 振り絞るだけさ 最後の
World of Glory with JOE INOUETOTALFAT So won't you Take my hand Ther
Don't Cry!! with JOE INOUETOTALFAT Don't cry We are having a good