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NICHKHUN (From 2PM)の歌詞一覧

該当件数8件 その内1〜8件
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Umbrella / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)1 Umbrella 大丈夫さ It will be alright 顔
YOU (Japanese ver.) / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)2 YOU (Japanese ver.) 今にも雨が降りそうな空 曇った
Story of... (English ver.) / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)3 Story of... (English ver.) Every story has a beginning Ev
YOU (English ver.) / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)4 YOU (English ver.) That cloudy day in June was th
Story of... (Japanese ver.) / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)5 Story of... (Japanese ver.) 永遠の愛って 色あせた紙に 綴ら
Vanilla / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)6 Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla I gotta have y
Stay In / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)7 Stay In I wanna make you smile Every c
This Christmas Time / NICHKHUN (From 2PM)8 This Christmas Time It is the most wonderful time

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