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ATTITUDE TO LIFE / GALNERYUS1 ATTITUDE TO LIFE どこまでも広がる 灰色の空の下 運命を背負って この身を捧げてアニメ「曇天に笑う」エンディングテーマ
ENTER THE NEW AGE / GALNERYUS2 ENTER THE NEW AGE Over 10 years had passed after the great conflict between tw
STILL LOVING YOU / GALNERYUS3 STILL LOVING YOU Wonder why you left on that night Wonder what you thought at
THE WIND BLOWS / GALNERYUS4 THE WIND BLOWS The sky is so bright and I'm standing alone I was parted fro
BURN MY HEART / GALNERYUS5 BURN MY HEART I will tell you the story of the surprise on that day I will
CARRY ON / GALNERYUS6 CARRY ON The fight is started Go ahead! It's hard to fight with mysel
DESTINATIONS / GALNERYUS7 DESTINATIONS Last night I saw a dream I was flying over the sky I heard s
SAVE YOU! / GALNERYUS8 SAVE YOU! Shout and shout! この叫びは君を探してる And blackout! 行き場
A FAR-OFF DISTANCE / GALNERYUS9 A FAR-OFF DISTANCE 醒めた眼差し 何を見続けるのか 守るべきモノ? 孤独さえ躊躇わアニメ「RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人」エンディングテーマ
FALL IN THE DARK / GALNERYUS10 FALL IN THE DARK You said "Believe me please" No way Don't get close to me Go
DESTINY / GALNERYUS11 DESTINY Destiny is calling you, passing through your edge of heart (
THE RISING / GALNERYUS12 THE RISING I'll rise again with all of you Now I have nothing to fight
TEAR OFF YOUR CHAIN / GALNERYUS13 TEAR OFF YOUR CHAIN I feel so good seeing you raise your hands And shake your bo
FUTURE NEVER DIES / GALNERYUS14 FUTURE NEVER DIES もし君があの時 昨日だけでも あの場所に行かなかったとしたら
SPIRIT OF STEEL / GALNERYUS15 SPIRIT OF STEEL The enemy comes to the striking distance It's a menace I mus
SCARS / GALNERYUS16 SCARS 涙には残酷な嘘が隠されてる 溜息は壊れた記憶を消し去るため
T.F.F.B. / GALNERYUS17 T.F.F.B. When I'm sad, I remember you When you are sad, what can I do
NO MORE TEARS / GALNERYUS18 NO MORE TEARS I pray for you 空を駆けた 永遠を超えて We pray for you この
BASH OUT! / GALNERYUS19 BASH OUT! I get excited about you all right ! I wanna go for a midnigh
THE TIME HAS COME / GALNERYUS20 THE TIME HAS COME I can't stand anymore I can't see anything at all Only feel
絆 / GALNERYUS21 Give me your life 生き抜く戦いへ But I keep the faith of you「ぱちんこCR蒼天の拳」タイアップソング
HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM (Single Version) / GALNERYUS22 HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM (Single Version) どれほど夢に触れている? 目指したモノがある この手は何を求めアニメ「HUNTER×HUNTER」エンディングテーマ
METAL TRIGGER / GALNERYUS23 METAL TRIGGER Suddenly ! The things come to me It's dawn Great hurry ! Run
TEMPTATION THROUGH THE NIGHT (Work In Progress Version) / GALNERYUS24 TEMPTATION THROUGH THE NIGHT (Work In Progress Version) 妖しく射す 微かな月の明かりは 眠りにつく欲望 揺り起こさせる
departure! / GALNERYUS25 departure! 大地を踏みしめて 君は目覚めていく 天使の微笑みで 連れ出して
REACH TO THE SKY / GALNERYUS26 REACH TO THE SKY Not quite sure how many months and days have been past alrea
THE PROMISED FLAG / GALNERYUS27 THE PROMISED FLAG Yes, I could find the meaning of established flag And then I
LONELY AS A STRANGER / GALNERYUS28 LONELY AS A STRANGER I will take good aim at the target It is you Give myself up
STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT / GALNERYUS29 STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT Why are you so selfish? Your manner does not change Why are
LAMENT / GALNERYUS30 LAMENT 涙と共に散りゆく花よ 残酷な運命(さだめ)と叫びながら 風に逆ら
INFINITY / GALNERYUS31 INFINITY The clouds have broken Shining stars in the sky I keep seein
ANGEL OF SALVATION / GALNERYUS32 ANGEL OF SALVATION いつしか降りだした この雨の 意味さえ知らず ただ濡れていた 雨
終わりなき、この詩(New Version) / GALNERYUS33 終わりなき、この詩(New Version) たった一つ見つけた 大切なもの 零れ落ちた涙 記憶を辿る 苦しみ
ACROSS THE RAINBOW(New Version Of“WHISPER IN THE RED SKY”) / GALNERYUS34 ACROSS THE RAINBOW(New Version Of“WHISPER IN THE RED SKY”) I was influenced You were a great person I like your way of
TIME AFTER TIME / GALNERYUS35 TIME AFTER TIME We always feel a sacred love in each other We don't stray fr
WINNIG THE HONOR / GALNERYUS36 WINNIG THE HONOR I'm on the stage Always a challenge Find out the moment of w
departure!(English Version) / GALNERYUS37 departure!(English Version) Standing on the ground with proudful eyes The bravery, you f
MY FAITH / GALNERYUS38 MY FAITH Fell upon trying times It was the sad time But the sun shine
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU / GALNERYUS39 CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU I finally reach there and find out my life But you're not th
PREMONITION / GALNERYUS40 PREMONITION In this world where slavery is common When a cold war betwee
RAISE MY SWORD / GALNERYUS41 RAISE MY SWORD I'm searching for the sense of my life Where am I going? 見
THE VOICE OF GRIEVOUS CRY / GALNERYUS42 THE VOICE OF GRIEVOUS CRY (The) voice of grievous cry We must go forward (The) grief o
RAIN OF TEARS / GALNERYUS43 RAIN OF TEARS I. Reminiscence II. Rain Of Tears As sworn allies, we figh
REWARD FOR BETRAYAL / GALNERYUS44 REWARD FOR BETRAYAL I'm losing my mind You are just the enemy Reward for betraya
SOUL OF THE FIELD / GALNERYUS45 SOUL OF THE FIELD Now's the time I slash at you with my sword I change my sorr
CHAIN OF DISTRESS / GALNERYUS46 CHAIN OF DISTRESS 見果てぬ夢 どれほどの痛みを繋ぐ? 哀しみさえ今 何も意味を持
THE FORCE OF COURAGE / GALNERYUS47 THE FORCE OF COURAGE I. The Sense Of My Life 何故争う為に生きる? 何故傷つけ合う
HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT / GALNERYUS48 HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT Eternal damnation Can I redeem myself? また巡りゆく 運命が螺
WINGS OF JUSTICE / GALNERYUS49 WINGS OF JUSTICE Don't be afraid! Just move ahead! 遮られた大地へ Don't look
THE SHADOW WITHIN / GALNERYUS50 THE SHADOW WITHIN 気付けば漆黒の闇 吹き返した鼓動 咽せる砂塵をかきわけ その瞬
WITH SYMPATHY / GALNERYUSWITH SYMPATHY Is there the end? Days of the fight... (But) I have the just
WHEREVER YOU ARE / GALNERYUSWHEREVER YOU ARE ずっと同じ場所に 居た事なんて 知る事も無い儘 時代は流れ やっ
RISING INFURIATION / GALNERYUSRISING INFURIATION No way! Evil! (I) lose control of myself No way! Marvel! I'm
MY HOPE IS GONE / GALNERYUSMY HOPE IS GONE 仄暗い 知る者も無い場所 断ち切れぬ思いを抑えて 薄暗く 滴り落
FIGHTING OF ETERNITY / GALNERYUSFIGHTING OF ETERNITY "Run! Hide in the darkest shadow So we don't get caught by t
GLORY / GALNERYUSGLORY "I'm losing my heart" 非望と知らずに "I'm raging so hard" 滾
NEVER AGAIN / GALNERYUSNEVER AGAIN 手にした 幾千の過ちは 痛みだけを生み 目指した 眩い筈の未来は
THE FOLLOWERS / GALNERYUSTHE FOLLOWERS Out in the dark, deploring your destiny? Light is the mark a
COME BACK TO ME AGAIN / GALNERYUSCOME BACK TO ME AGAIN Why did you lie to me? I lost my heart... 淡い夢も砕け散って
REMAIN BEHIND / GALNERYUSREMAIN BEHIND 冷たい静寂に 呼び戻された記憶は 刹那に燃え千切れた 今は叶わ
THE END OF THE LINE / GALNERYUSTHE END OF THE LINE The curse is coming upon myself My soul is blazing in the ch

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