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ベテルギウスの灯the HIATUS 軌道上では ベテルギウスの灯り
Horse Ridingthe HIATUS I've been horse riding as when
西門の昧爽the HIATUS がれきの海で 夢を見ていた 僕ら
Insomniathe HIATUS I wake up from a nightmare Whe
Antibioticthe HIATUS Antibiotic me No one's making
My Own Worst Enemythe HIATUS Deep into the maze Long lost i
Ghost In The Rainthe HIATUS Along the master plan Heading
Thirstthe HIATUS And I get caught up in the thi
Something Ever Afterthe HIATUS When I woke up next to you You
Unhurtthe HIATUS I never thought I'd see this d
Sunset Off The Coastlinethe HIATUS The year I was born The Vietna
Roller Coaster Ride Memoriesthe HIATUS In a bit of clear-cut moments
Tales Of Sorrow Streetthe HIATUS Just don't mind You'll be fine
Burn To Shinethe HIATUS No one recognizes us We don't
Don't Follow The Crowdthe HIATUS Always blind Justice is not A
Waiting For The Sunthe HIATUS Waiting for the sun To come ou
The Ivythe HIATUS Keep holding on You said to me
Talking Reptilesthe HIATUS I got to beat it into my head
Monkeysthe HIATUS So shut your mouth And let me
Walking Like A Manthe HIATUS You make it sound as if I care
Doomthe HIATUS Dead in the water Addressed in
Notes Of Remembrancethe HIATUS Enclose my notes of remembranc
Curse Of Minethe HIATUS One two three four It hurts, h