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My Bicycle / UNCHAIN1 My Bicycle Here comes my baby. She is out of your league, my friend She
2 Gravity 行き先不明の旅路には、神様はいない 瞬き消えていくだけで、見
The World Is Yours / UNCHAIN3 The World Is Yours Free... Be free... 固く閉ざされた瞳に ふいに柔らかな光が射す
Higher / UNCHAIN4 Higher Where is my mind? Beyond the actual world What we need is Im
strain / UNCHAIN5 strain On the screen, big guys are shouting They are full up to the
TAKES ME BACK / UNCHAIN6 TAKES ME BACK The wind doesn't let me go I can't grab wind But if I could
Kiss Kiss Kiss / UNCHAIN7 Kiss Kiss Kiss I want your Kiss Kiss Kiss I run into the fire for your Kiss
Super Collider / UNCHAIN8 Super Collider Say sometimes don't you feel, You wanna run away, and vanish
Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height) / UNCHAIN9 Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height) People, looking down upon the others People, should be respe
Tonight's The Night / UNCHAIN10 Tonight's The Night Mystery lady, I've never seen you before, Once in a lifetime
Come Back To Me / UNCHAIN11 Come Back To Me Won't you come back? I wish you would come back Can't you co
Movin' My Soul / UNCHAIN12 Movin' My Soul Are you ready? Let's play together. We're going way out, I'm
Give Me Life (ex. Inspire of life) / UNCHAIN13 Give Me Life (ex. Inspire of life) I'm in so much trouble, I'm in so much trouble, Every little
Life Is A Wonder (ex. Life Is Wonder) / UNCHAIN14 Life Is A Wonder (ex. Life Is Wonder) One day as I was walking down the street, You appeared right
The Sun And Iris (ex. 太陽とイーリス) / UNCHAIN15 The Sun And Iris (ex. 太陽とイーリス) Feeling my every breath, I am waiting so long. Feeling my ev
get down / UNCHAIN16 get down Show me, Show me, Show me, Show me Lay me down on the ground
a prayer / UNCHAIN17 a prayer 雨の街は低血圧 ウソもマコト 広いようで狭い蜘蛛の巣 何を掴む
beautiful girl / UNCHAIN18 beautiful girl 追いかけていた 追いかけていたい かすかな残り香を 自分自身が
Mr.Wi-Fi / UNCHAIN19 Mr.Wi-Fi And I wanna get Wi-Fi, So I'll be fine 始めなきゃセッション
baby baby / UNCHAIN20 baby baby I, try to tempt you Gotta have my way with you I, know what
Inside-out / UNCHAIN21 Inside-out 抱きしめるたび 鳴く声でFeel me 絡める舌の アプローチが強引
22 "inpei" Seen falling from the night sky These papers full of their l
人は一人でも独りじゃない / UNCHAIN23 人は一人でも独りじゃない 雨がポツポツと涙煽る 傘をそっと閉じた君を導いて 人は一人で
2 late 2 luv / UNCHAIN24 2 late 2 luv 秘密のミッドナイト 気分はSo High 逃げたもん勝ちのサイバース
stay here / UNCHAIN25 stay here Hello 晴れた日の午後には 木漏れ日の咲く公園通り 靴を揃え 歩
The Sound Of Silence / UNCHAIN26 The Sound Of Silence 名もなき風の住む丘に 幼き日の置き手紙 秋がそよぐ通り途は 樹「ミュートマ2」11月度火曜日エンディングテーマ
情熱 / UNCHAIN27 情熱 きっと涙は 音もなく流れるけれど 赤裸々に頬濡らし 心まで溶か
閃光少女 / UNCHAIN28 閃光少女 今日現在(いま)が確かなら万事快調よ 明日には全く憶えて居なく
make it glow / UNCHAIN29 make it glow What is your name? How's it goin'? What's in your mind? What
Back To Zero / UNCHAIN30 Back To Zero はじまりの場所で誰もがきっと 神様にもらった 色のない殺風景な
Fly In The Blue Moonlight / UNCHAIN31 Fly In The Blue Moonlight Flying in the blue moonlight Flying in the blue moonlight F
Quarter / UNCHAIN32 Quarter I was born and she was born In the ever-changing world of pe
Saves The Day / UNCHAIN33 Saves The Day I guess you've been exhausted, baby Slaving away all day I g
Libyan Glass / UNCHAIN34 Libyan Glass Take my effort to make a decision, thinking is making me cra「プレミアMelodiX!」9月度エンディングテーマ
FLASH / UNCHAIN35 FLASH FLASH... はみ出して ステップ踏んだ 僕らの影が揺れた 落ちて
Traveling Without Moving / UNCHAIN36 Traveling Without Moving もう少しだけ 眠らせて それも仕事のうちでしょ? ちょっと肌寒
butterfly effect / UNCHAIN37 butterfly effect 君の囁きが 僕の心揺らす (Every little thing about your sayi
Miracle / UNCHAIN38 Miracle Will you be my angel, the only one I ever wanted Will you be
-Beyond The World- / UNCHAIN39 -Beyond The World- Beyond the world Beyond the bounds of your soul You can find
Behind The Moon / UNCHAIN40 Behind The Moon I just want to get away I'm just lookin, trying to focus Ful
アイスクリーム / UNCHAIN41 アイスクリーム 「あれしたい」してる期待 一心不乱生きてみたい 想いはコース外
Just Marry Me / UNCHAIN42 Just Marry Me I light a smoke and wake up to the start of the day It's har
Da, Da, Da, Da, / UNCHAIN43 Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, da, da, da, … 月夜見を欺いて 闇に潜むタイガー 木枯らし
33 / UNCHAIN44 33 あなたの永遠に 触れたい 凍った時を 解いて 暈けた身体を 千切
I Am / UNCHAIN45 I Am Because I am, この世界中で たった1人だけ Because I am, この

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