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My Girl / the telephones1 My Girl you are my girl my girl you can sleep in my arms you are a l
Jabberwocky / the telephones2 Jabberwocky go out turn around go away the dark side of a town what's go
Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow(My Life is Beautiful) / the telephones3 Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow(My Life is Beautiful) party is over all the noise of dance floor today was a good
2010 / the telephones4 2010 from you to me, from me to you life is beautiful celebrate t
Four Guys From Saitama City / the telephones5 Four Guys From Saitama City ダリダリダリダリダリダリラ シャチみたいに ダリダリダリダリダ
Jesus / the telephones6 Jesus fly again stay away swim in the sea and watch the sky under
D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!! / the telephones7 D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!! D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!! D.A.N.C.E to the music!!! ri江崎グリコ「ポッキー」CMソング
Baby,Baby,Baby / the telephones8 Baby,Baby,Baby a good brain a man from Spain everything's gonna change you
Urban Disco / the telephones9 Urban Disco I will change to be back... I will change to be back again t
Monkey Discooooooo / the telephones10 Monkey Discooooooo "can't stop!" we rock the unknown crowd "can't stop!" I'm go
Catastrophe / the telephones11 Catastrophe she makes a hopeless junk there's no way out he's like a hop
Hopping Shower / the telephones12 Hopping Shower dance and jump we are the telephones sing, sing along and cl
Dance With You / the telephones13 Dance With You please,don't talk about it I don't know about it now is the
Perfect World / the telephones14 Perfect World welcome to the end wake up,and fight your funny dreams welco
Dead Men / the telephones15 Dead Men you know, I'm a fake but I had the light in my eyes I know,
HABANERO / the telephones16 HABANERO I am watching the table so it is empty style yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Re:Life / the telephones17 Re:Life the way back home the sunlight unchained this moonlight pray
Girls, Boys, Romantics / the telephones18 Girls, Boys, Romantics you're just a pretty girl and you don't have money and dream
A.B.C.DISCO / the telephones19 A.B.C.DISCO get your hands up! you're part of the sound tonight every Sa
kiss me, love me, kiss me / the telephones20 kiss me, love me, kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me I get what you want love me
Go!!! / the telephones21 Go!!! the time is short maybe I should try it now nobody can't sup
oh my DISCO!!! / the telephones22 oh my DISCO!!! lalalalalalalalala life goes on, everyone knows yeah gagagag
I Hate DISCOOOOOOO!!! / the telephones23 I Hate DISCOOOOOOO!!! stand up! I'm ready to start Oh no, where do I go? sun's up!
SAITAMA DANCE MIRROR BALLERS!!! / the telephones24 SAITAMA DANCE MIRROR BALLERS!!! every time I try to say... ah every time you try to fly ah u
Kung Fu Village / the telephones25 Kung Fu Village hey you!!! dance and sing hey you!!! come with me hey you!!!
Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! / the telephones26 Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! no no no don't talk about it yes yes yes always keep the fai
My Final Fantasy / the telephones27 My Final Fantasy can you hear my voice? the people are standing in line I sin
I Wanna Die / the telephones28 I Wanna Die I'm sorry no cry no cry I wanna be your hero don't worry let
I'll Be There / the telephones29 I'll Be There deep breathing shadows fall apart get out of the dark and in
Drums, Basses, Guitars, Keys, And Your Love And Voice / the telephones30 Drums, Basses, Guitars, Keys, And Your Love And Voice you're God's child where are you now? I'm looking for you I
Love & DISCO / the telephones32 Love & DISCO I don't wanna stoned every night I don't wanna fake show eve
White Elephant / the telephones33 White Elephant so come on! I'm ready to go nobody can sell our soul are you「GEORGIA X 和-STYLE」CMソング
Yeah Yeah Yeah / the telephones34 Yeah Yeah Yeah I wanna be your shoebox I wanna be your dog I wanna be your
Punk Is Not Heavy Metal / the telephones35 Punk Is Not Heavy Metal punk is not heavy metal yes, I know well this is the time to
Just One Victory / the telephones36 Just One Victory just one victory just one victory now just one victory just
A A U U O O O / the telephones37 A A U U O O O no one can talk back to my boss a a u u o o o what else can
I Am Me / the telephones38 I Am Me I feel... I feel nothing I feel... I feel...oh oh oh oh I fe
Crash The TV / the telephones39 Crash The TV I'm a realist holding a dream la la la la you should know I
New York City / the telephones40 New York City I wasn't going to get drunk but I feel like more beer it doe
Can't Stop Loving You / the telephones41 Can't Stop Loving You oh yeah baby I wanna be your sun oh yeah baby you can cry an
D.E.N.W.A / the telephones42 D.E.N.W.A 私はディスコと言ったアーバンディスコ (I am DISCO) 愛とディス
swim, swim, swim / the telephones43 swim, swim, swim 夢の中を泳いでいる 鳥たちが羽ばたいて 朝陽を呼ぶ 夜が明ける
WoNDeR WoMaN 〜WoNDeR Boy version〜 / the telephones44 WoNDeR WoMaN 〜WoNDeR Boy version〜 Don't know what to do Don't know what to say I sit on my ass
sick rocks 〜Too Fast version〜 / the telephones45 sick rocks 〜Too Fast version〜 I can't stand up nothing on my own faith you knew a little g「ピカルの定理」オープニングテーマ
Keep Your DISCO!!! / the telephones46 Keep Your DISCO!!! oh my god it's over how many times is it gonna take? sir yes
Ring a Bell / the telephones47 Ring a Bell 7をおして 2をおして 4をおして 1をおして 0をおして 6でかけた
Congratulations!!! / the telephones48 Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!
What's Your Name??? / the telephones49 What's Your Name??? HEY HEY what's your name? who kills me? I'm still screaming
It's Alright To Dance (Yes!!! Happy Monday!!!) / the telephones50 It's Alright To Dance (Yes!!! Happy Monday!!!) wah ah ah ah ah I'm getting high wah ah ah ah ah feels just
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Pa Pa Pa La Pa / the telephonesPa Pa Pa La Pa I can't sleep I can't wake up I'm gonna make somebody love m
Romantic Disco / the telephonesRomantic Disco love love love I want your love you know I need you night &
90's Drama Life / the telephones90's Drama Life F.U.C.K t.h.e world 突き出した真ん中の指の隣も立てて P.E.A.C
Odoru 〜朝が来ても〜 (The Night Has Come Version) / the telephonesOdoru 〜朝が来ても〜 (The Night Has Come Version) 踊ろう いつまでも 朝が来ても いつか夢の続きは訪れるさ 儚い夢
Burn With Anger / the telephonesBurn With Anger I don't know why I don't know why repeat the same mistake w
March For Peace / the telephonesMarch For Peace 遠い景色の向こう側 純粋な悪意と笑顔は ただひたすら無垢に溢れ
Don't Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! / the telephonesDon't Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! don't stop dancing!!! don't stop the move, keep on dancing!
3,2,1 right now!!! / the telephones3,2,1 right now!!! 3,2,1 right now!!! you'll never stop me let your spirit free
Take Me Higher / the telephonesTake Me Higher I'm not afraid because I'm genius give me something more I w
Hyper Jump / the telephonesHyper Jump hyper jump I fly again but I can not touch the blue sky ups「HOT WAVE」6月オープニングテーマ
Ex-Boyfriend / the telephonesEx-Boyfriend lie lie lie lie lie you tell a lie like a ex-boyfriend I I
I'm In Love With You / the telephonesI'm In Love With You Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday "Sunday Mo
Hot Hot Summer / the telephonesHot Hot Summer nobody in the bar nobody on the road I wander aimlessly Ther
Aconite / the telephonesAconite hey you what's your beef? I'm crazy for you It's not in what
Starship Romance / the telephonesStarship Romance once upon a time, the North star and the Pleiades were marri
Lucky People 2014 / the telephonesLucky People 2014 I'm one of "lucky people" I'm so lucky never give up you'll
1984 / the telephones1984 when I'm 17 I fell in love at first sight it's an old story
Fire, Fire, Fire / the telephonesFire, Fire, Fire A (no guns no poor just life) B (time for living time for gi
Night Parade / the telephonesNight Parade night parade I miss you I can't forget you maybe you forget
happiness,happiness,happiness / the telephoneshappiness,happiness,happiness hello everybody!!! we are the telephones! Let's dance and ge
FREE THROW / the telephonesFREE THROW feels forever the air after rainbow
Say DISCO / the telephonesSay DISCO Ladies and Gentleman the telephones in da house!!! so singin「HOT WAVE」3月度オープニングテーマ
Amber Romance / the telephonesAmber Romance I can never forget that love you made me feel brand-new you
Something Good / the telephonesSomething Good where are you go? I'll watch you whenever you go you are not
Last Night / the telephonesLast Night wake up with morning sun but I'm sleepy now I can never wake
When The Zombies Come / the telephonesWhen The Zombies Come when the zombies come escape run away from here right now y
Never Say No / the telephonesNever Say No never say no ギラギラギラギラ 夏のビーチスタイル never say n
Thank You DISCO!!! / the telephonesThank You DISCO!!! step1 drink alcohol step2 don't stop the music step3 please
Relationships / the telephonesRelationships if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere if you are
My Hero / the telephonesMy Hero ah I just call your name too afraid to run away cry my angel
Let's Talk About Music / the telephonesLet's Talk About Music let's talk about music don't talk about you I'm talking abou
Love Is All / the telephonesLove Is All calm down and close my eyes I wanna chill out at home tonigh
Evergreen / the telephonesEvergreen いつまでも色褪せないような そんな歌を願うよ エヴァーグリーン

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