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1 90's Drama Life F.U.C.K t.h.e world 突き出した
2 Can't Stop Loving You oh yeah baby I wanna be your s
3 Night Parade night parade I miss you I can'
4 Just One Victory just one victory just one vict
5 Take Me Higher I'm not afraid because I'm gen
6 Go!!! the time is short maybe I shou
7 When The Zombies Come when the zombies come escape
8 Last Night wake up with morning sun but I
9 A.B.C.DISCO get your hands up! you're part
10 Odoru 〜朝が来ても〜 (The Night Has Come Version) 踊ろう いつまでも 朝が来ても
11 Crash The TV I'm a realist holding a dream
12 Thank You DISCO!!! step1 drink alcohol step2 don'
13 It's Alright To Dance (Yes!!! Happy Monday!!!) wah ah ah ah ah I'm getting hi
14 WoNDeR WoMaN 〜WoNDeR Boy version〜 Don't know what to do Don't kn
15 happiness,happiness,happiness hello everybody!!! we are the
16 I'm In Love With You Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurs
17 Don't Stop The Move, Keep On Dancing!!! don't stop dancing!!! don't s
18 Never Say No never say no ギラギラギラギラ
19 My Hero ah I just call your name too a
20 Ex-Boyfriend lie lie lie lie lie you tell a
21 3,2,1 right now!!! 3,2,1 right now!!! you'll neve
22 Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!!
23 Keep Your DISCO!!! oh my god it's over how many t
24 D.E.N.W.A 私はディスコと言ったアーバンデ
25 Punk Is Not Heavy Metal punk is not heavy metal yes, I
26 A A U U O O O no one can talk back to my bos
27 New York City I wasn't going to get drunk bu
28 I Wanna Die I'm sorry no cry no cry I wann
29 Urban Disco I will change to be back... I
30 Monkey Discooooooo "can't stop!" we rock the unkn
31 Catastrophe she makes a hopeless junk ther
32 Dead Men you know, I'm a fake but I had
33 Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow(My Life is Beautiful) party is over all the noise of
34 Amber Romance I can never forget that love y
35 Something Good where are you go? I'll watch y
36 Relationships if you can make it here, you c
37 Let's Talk About Music let's talk about music don't t
38 Jesus fly again stay away swim in th
39 Love Is All calm down and close my eyes I
40 Evergreen いつまでも色褪せないような そ
41 FREE THROW feels forever pray
42 Say DISCO Ladies and Gentleman the telep「HOT WAVE」3月度オープニングテーマ
43 Hyper Jump hyper jump I fly again but I c「HOT WAVE」6月オープニングテーマ
44 Hot Hot Summer nobody in the bar nobody on th
45 Aconite hey you what's your beef? I'm
46 Starship Romance once upon a time, the North st
47 Lucky People 2014 I'm one of "lucky people" I'm
48 1984 when I'm 17 I fell in love at
49 Fire, Fire, Fire A (no guns no poor just life)
50 What's Your Name??? HEY HEY what's your name? who
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Pa Pa Pa La Pa I can't sleep I can't wake up
Romantic Disco love love love I want your lov
Burn With Anger I don't know why I don't know
Four Guys From Saitama City ダリダリダリダリダリダリラ シ
March For Peace 遠い景色の向こう側 純粋な悪意
Ring a Bell 7をおして 2をおして 4をおして
swim, swim, swim 夢の中を泳いでいる 鳥たちが羽
sick rocks 〜Too Fast version〜 I can't stand up nothing on my「ピカルの定理」オープニングテーマ
White Elephant so come on! I'm ready to go no「GEORGIA X 和-STYLE」CMソング
Yeah Yeah Yeah I wanna be your shoebox I wann
I Am Me I feel... I feel nothing I fee
Love & DISCO I don't wanna stoned every nig
I Hate DISCOOOOOOO!!! stand up! I'm ready to start O
SAITAMA DANCE MIRROR BALLERS!!! every time I try to say... ah
2010 from you to me, from me to you
My Girl you are my girl my girl you ca
Kung Fu Village hey you!!! dance and sing hey
Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! no no no don't talk about it y
My Final Fantasy can you hear my voice? the peo
I'll Be There deep breathing shadows fall ap
Drums, Basses, Guitars, Keys, And Your Love And Voice you're God's child where are y
kiss me, love me, kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss m
oh my DISCO!!! lalalalalalalalala life goes o
Re:Life the way back home the sunlight
Girls, Boys, Romantics you're just a pretty girl and
D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!! D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!!江崎グリコ「ポッキー」CMソング
Baby,Baby,Baby a good brain a man from Spain
Hopping Shower dance and jump we are the tele
Jabberwocky go out turn around go away the
Dance With You please,don't talk about it I d
Perfect World welcome to the end wake up,and
HABANERO I am watching the table so it

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