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Bumps In The NightMIYAVI vs Masato(coldrain) This that beat that bumps in t
ENVYcoldrain I still remember when you used
FEED THE FIREcoldrain you think we're different? you
LOST IN FAITHcoldrain It's a shame we never learn we
BURY MEcoldrain in an endless spiral I'm down
R.I.P.coldrain take a bow and rest in peace w
INSIDE OUTcoldrain hate is hate I won't forgive a
STAYcoldrain someone told me time will heal
COLORBLINDcoldrain what if I painted skies would
F.T.T.Tcoldrain I close my eyes and count to t
UNINVITEDcoldrain Like anyone would be I am flat
AFTERMATHcoldrain day by day by day It's like we
A DECADE IN THE RAINcoldrain they said we were worthless si
BORN TO BLEEDcoldrain Is it to over now? or are we s
UNDERTOWcoldrain with the waves up over my head
FREE THE MONSTERAA=×Masato(coldrain)+Koie(Crossfaith) (Destroy) With the power insid
Aware And Awakecoldrain I wanna live I wanna be aware
Evolvecoldrain I've given all I have each day
You Liecoldrain you've played these games for
Fade Awaycoldrain stop saying that you care acti
March Oncoldrain like the stars in the sky we s
House Of Cardscoldrain she came to me suddenly like a
The War Is Oncoldrain lie after lie the truth is abu
The Revelationcoldrain here we are, just let it go fo
Falling Forevercoldrain you talk shit like you know it
Behind The Curtaincoldrain you live your life preying the
Next To Youcoldrain we're hanging by a thread with
Time Bombcoldrain life has been taken for grante
Voicelesscoldrain we are the servants of mass de
Chasing Dreamscoldrain I used to live my life behind
Given Up On Youcoldrain It's all over, over I've just
Carry Oncoldrain the colors fade away and every
To Be Alivecoldrain A dead silence surrounds me Wh
New Fatecoldrain Do you remember how it used to
Rescue Mecoldrain I've been down this road befor
Adrenalinecoldrain My heart keeps racing Now I'm
Youcoldrain I see the sky inside your eyes
The Mazecoldrain Sometimes it feels like nothin
Rise And Fallcoldrain She walks down this street eve
Confessioncoldrain It's taken so much time to say
A Tragic Instinctcoldrain Her face is stained from tears
Hollowcoldrain Tell me what's the reason Why
Die tomorrowcoldrain Nothing lasts forever So don't
We're not alonecoldrain Sunlight was the only thing th
After darkcoldrain When the sun goes down I'll me
The youthcoldrain We are the youth we are the kn
Miss youcoldrain I'm lying here on a bed My eye
Final destinationcoldrain I, I used to fear Am I falling
Counterfeits & liescoldrain Inside our TV screens 7 days a
Somedaycoldrain You wake up to another day "Th
Fiction (Album Ver.)coldrain She'd do just anything To get
Just Tonightcoldrain Just tonight Can we leave it a
24-7coldrain Speak again And I swear I will
Doorscoldrain I was standing in the dark Wit
Deja vucoldrain She walks across a crowded str
Survivecoldrain The sky has turned to gray As
My Addictioncoldrain This is another song about a g
Paintingcoldrain Some say we're wasting our tim
8AM (Album Ver.)coldrain Sunlight I can't remember why
8AMcoldrain Sunlight I can't remember why
Time to gocoldrain He says he's had enough She sa
Believecoldrain The pressure Is slowly eating
Fictioncoldrain She'd do just anything To get
Come awakecoldrain I can't believe that After all
I knowcoldrain I know it seems so bold And I