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Final destination / coldrain1 Final destination I, I used to fear Am I falling
Fiction / coldrain2 Fiction She'd do just anything To get what「完売劇場」エンディングテーマ
8AM / coldrain3 8AM Sunlight I can't remember why Weアニメ「はじめの一歩 New Challenger」エンディングテーマ
Believe / coldrain4 Believe The pressure Is slowly eating through
24-7 / coldrain5 24-7 Speak again And I swear I will
Deja vu / coldrain6 Deja vu She walks across a crowded street
Painting / coldrain7 Painting Some say we're wasting our time
New Fate / coldrain8 New Fate Do you remember how it used to
Hollow / coldrain9 Hollow Tell me what's the reason Why you
March On / coldrain10 March On like the stars in the sky we shared
Come awake / coldrain11 Come awake I can't believe that After all
I know / coldrain12 I know I know it seems so bold And I know
Time to go / coldrain13 Time to go He says he's had enough She says
Counterfeits & lies / coldrain14 Counterfeits & lies Inside our TV screens 7 days a
Someday / coldrain15 Someday You wake up to another day "This
Fiction (Album Ver.) / coldrain16 Fiction (Album Ver.) She'd do just anything To get what「完売劇場」エンディングテーマ
Just Tonight / coldrain17 Just Tonight Just tonight Can we leave it all
Doors / coldrain18 Doors I was standing in the dark Without
Survive / coldrain19 Survive The sky has turned to gray As he
My Addiction / coldrain20 My Addiction This is another song about a girl
8AM (Album Ver.) / coldrain21 8AM (Album Ver.) Sunlight I can't remember why Weアニメ「はじめの一歩 New Challenger」エンディングテーマ
Die tomorrow / coldrain22 Die tomorrow Nothing lasts forever So don't
We're not alone / coldrain23 We're not alone Sunlight was the only thing thatアニメ「RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人」オープニングテーマ
After dark / coldrain24 After dark When the sun goes down I'll meet
The youth / coldrain25 The youth We are the youth we are the knights
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Miss you / coldrain26 Miss you I'm lying here on a bed My eyes
To Be Alive / coldrain27 To Be Alive A dead silence surrounds me Why
Rescue Me / coldrain28 Rescue Me I've been down this road before
Adrenaline / coldrain29 Adrenaline My heart keeps racing Now I'm out
You / coldrain30 You I see the sky inside your eyes
The Maze / coldrain31 The Maze Sometimes it feels like nothings
Rise And Fall / coldrain32 Rise And Fall She walks down this street everyday
Confession / coldrain33 Confession It's taken so much time to say
A Tragic Instinct / coldrain34 A Tragic Instinct Her face is stained from tears
The War Is On / coldrain35 The War Is On lie after lie the truth is abused
The Revelation / coldrain36 The Revelation here we are, just let it go forget
Falling Forever / coldrain37 Falling Forever you talk shit like you know it
Behind The Curtain / coldrain38 Behind The Curtain you live your life preying the
Next To You / coldrain39 Next To You we're hanging by a thread with
Time Bomb / coldrain40 Time Bomb life has been taken for granted
Voiceless / coldrain41 Voiceless we are the servants of mass deception
Chasing Dreams / coldrain42 Chasing Dreams I used to live my life behind closed
Given Up On You / coldrain43 Given Up On You It's all over, over I've just given
Carry On / coldrain44 Carry On the colors fade away and everything
Aware And Awake / coldrain45 Aware And Awake I wanna live I wanna be aware I
Evolve / coldrain46 Evolve I've given all I have each day
You Lie / coldrain47 You Lie you've played these games for so
Fade Away / coldrain48 Fade Away stop saying that you care acting
House Of Cards / coldrain49 House Of Cards she came to me suddenly like an
BORN TO BLEED / coldrain50 BORN TO BLEED Is it to over now? or are we standing
UNDERTOW / coldrainUNDERTOW with the waves up over my head
ENVY / coldrainENVY I still remember when you used「バズリズム02」10月エンディングテーマ
FEED THE FIRE / coldrainFEED THE FIRE you think we're different? youアニメ「王様ゲーム The Animation」オープニングテーマ
LOST IN FAITH / coldrainLOST IN FAITH It's a shame we never learn we
BURY ME / coldrainBURY ME in an endless spiral I'm down too
R.I.P. / coldrainR.I.P. take a bow and rest in peace we're
INSIDE OUT / coldrainINSIDE OUT hate is hate I won't forgive and
STAY / coldrainSTAY someone told me time will heal
COLORBLIND / coldrainCOLORBLIND what if I painted skies would I
F.T.T.T / coldrainF.T.T.T I close my eyes and count to ten
UNINVITED / coldrainUNINVITED Like anyone would be I am flattered
AFTERMATH / coldrainAFTERMATH day by day by day It's like we're
A DECADE IN THE RAIN / coldrainA DECADE IN THE RAIN they said we were worthless simply
MAYDAY feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake / coldrainMAYDAY feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake take what you got and leave nowアニメ「炎炎ノ消防隊」オープニングテーマ
COEXIST / coldrainCOEXIST aren't you afraid of the consequences?
SEE YOU / coldrainSEE YOU living in a haze counting down
SPEAK / coldrainSPEAK you can run and hide but will you
THE SIDE EFFECTS / coldrainTHE SIDE EFFECTS one step forward two steps backwards
JANUARY 1ST / coldrainJANUARY 1ST I can't believe that it's over
INSOMNIA / coldrainINSOMNIA with a cold embrace, you bring
ANSWER / SICKNESS / coldrainANSWER / SICKNESS here we are slowly evolving? under
BREATHE / coldrainBREATHE you say you know best well it's
STAY THE COURSE / coldrainSTAY THE COURSE I thought that I could do this
REVOLUTION / coldrainREVOLUTION thinking out loud I see no solution
LI(E)FE / coldrainLI(E)FE in the age of ignorance we give
エレベイター / coldrainエレベイター DA MUZIC FOR LIFE DA coming now


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