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All I NeedOBLIVION DUST It hurts me baby and I flinch
Sail Away feat.土屋アンナOBLIVION DUST If you don't wanna stay around
GIRL IN MONOOBLIVION DUST So she whispers lightly Says s
GatewayOBLIVION DUST I kept walking through the sta
TuneOBLIVION DUST Satin skin that covers up the
SyndromeOBLIVION DUST Whatever you do Well, it's alr
Devil's GameOBLIVION DUST I've been the innocent across
Ghost That BleedsOBLIVION DUST My sin... keeps me tied to the
In My Rainy FieldOBLIVION DUST I don't know why, but I let th
Sink The GodOBLIVION DUST Boom to the mind, hit the nail
Baby, It's All GoodOBLIVION DUST Don't wake me up And let my he
BED OF ROSESOBLIVION DUST Oh here it comes again...pain