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1 Fix Neon Life is running through from pole to pole But only lights ru
2 Tokyo Lights 2 (東京電燈・其ノ二) Lights non-stop, lights don't stop 電気再生、夜と再生、頭の
3 Rush All I've got is a feeling I'm born to lose / I forgot all my
4 Blue Technique 初期化で戻りたいね ショウウィンドウが眩しすぎて うねる車線は
5 Emergency 眩い暁 / 虹模様 / 砂糖の後味 / 空色 少年と少女達も隙間から逃
6 Roppongi Chills Take flight, it's alright / All across the white lights Nigh
7 Metro 橙色は金が鳴る街銀座 千代の深い緑は秩序を描くソナタ 癒し系の
8 Karaoke You've got a message on the tip of your tongue But you can't
9 Venom I've got that feeling in me - venom It's racing through my b
10 I Will Know Your Name All these things I've learnt They'll pass right through me w
11 Pulse I can't pretend all my life I can't defend all my pride 悔し
12 Wild Strawberries(野いちご) 夜明けと対話を求めたあの子は 秘密の情けを内緒に伝えたかった
TAXI / LEO今井13 TAXI 高速道路に乗っかって、灰色の街を駆け抜け イヤホンは耳に刺さ
The Sweetest Day / LEO今井14 The Sweetest Day 蒼く霞む日々で待ってるのは一つだけ The sweetest day, the swe
15 SYNCHRONIZE Synchronize, gimme some time Synchronize, gimme a sign Synch
16 SCHOOL ON THE HILL Dreaming hilltop Beaming non-stop 電子音が鳴る、街の向こう
Wino / LEO今井17 Wino Had a dream set in a Caribbean chateau A nostalgic haze Ever
Bite / LEO今井18 Bite IDの持てない 擦れる歓楽街 荒野をめざした泥試合 昔は崩壊 明日
Fresh Horses / LEO今井19 Fresh Horses Ezekiel! Ezekiel! They say seize the day So won't you order
Tiffany / LEO今井20 Tiffany How many more of your acerbic words Can I carry with me Befo
Sarigenai / LEO今井21 Sarigenai I am so nervous A cat on a hot tin roof My tongue is a loofa
New Roses / LEO今井22 New Roses New roses My mind's stepping out My mind My mind My mind My
On Videotape / LEO今井23 On Videotape I can't recall all my memories They blur and they bend like
Real / LEO今井24 Real In your deep blue season sleep In your dreams no one ever ne
Car Alarm / LEO今井25 Car Alarm I wake up to a light abrasive on some sunny day I feel dejec
Need To Leave / LEO今井26 Need To Leave When the lights go out I'll be running free With no memory W

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