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I Miss Youakiko A couple seasons passed me by
So Tiredakiko They don't know what I've been
Old Devil Moonakiko I look at you and suddenly Som
Mood Swingsakiko When I find myself lonely And
Fly Me to the Moonakiko Fly me to the moon And let me
You've Changed - Funk Versionakiko You've changed That sparkle in
Prelude to a Kissakiko If you hear a song in blue Lik
Do You Know?akiko Why am I searchin' for unseen
Upstreamakiko I sing this song thinkin' 'bou
Around the Worldakiko Around the world I've searched
Good Morning Heartacheakiko Good morning, Heartache You ol
Skindo-Le-Leakiko When you are lonely When you a
Funky Monkey Baby - English versionakiko You're such a funky monkey bab
Far Beyondakiko Rising and falling Searching a
Interlude - Blues No.8akiko I'm not the kind of girl That
Interlude - God BIess' the Childakiko Them that's got shall get Them