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1 Keep you burning We burn the place down to the
2 Bang'em Dead Say you want more, you greedy
3 The Voice of Metal Man on the silver mountain Oh
4 The BattleShip MUSASHI In the jungle of deathmatch ItK-1武蔵選手入場テーマ
5 The ETERNAL SOLDIERS Stay alive the deadly game you劇場版「マジンカイザーSKL」オープニングテーマ
6 The power of truth Black box sealed tight Wonder
7 Come alive again Came without warning like a st
8 Survivor On the verge of desperation My
9 Gonna do it my way Let me do it like you want it
10 Hang tough All or nothing, you live or di
11 Comes the dawn Just like shadow needs light B
12 Pandora In the box the sun is blazing
13 Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Tell me, what ya doing here? B
14 The Stronger Break the chains Stop the pain
15 2012〜End of the Age Domesticated nation Ignorant s
16 Break New Ground I hear the voices "Go and give
17 Driving Force Battle rages on and on Satisf
18 Behind The Scene "Going Green", a shady market
19 Who The Hell Cares The time has come to say goodb
20 Deep-Six The Law Deep-six the law! You're telli
21 Memento Mori Life pass you by You know you'

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