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サラバ アタエラレンKEMURI 追い出されそうな夢も声も 心仕
IN THE CITYKEMURI He is just a boy in the city D
Let's start it againKEMURI A broken bone... A morning win
葉月の海KEMURI オオマツヨイグサの 花達 咲き薫
Crappy Go HappyKEMURI A crappy day... So many happy
Dancing in MOON LIGHTKEMURI Are you happy? Are you happy t
VEGAKEMURI Some find a reason to live…so
WIND MILLKEMURI The Wind Mill is spinning and
O-zoraKEMURI 挑まず 怪我もせず 信じず 何も
creedKEMURI They're marching…Screaming no
RAGKEMURI I'd rather be rag than a rusty
HATEKEMURI I will never forgive some peop
somebodyKEMURI I know I'm no one for the worl
Aye! Aye!KEMURI Hello! Ni-hao! Kon-nichi-wa! B
FLYKEMURI Something we could hold on...
FAITHKEMURI I know you and I think you're
We want to know!KEMURI The time has come! We're all p
PAINKEMURI We wave…HELLO…we wave as far
ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITEKEMURI You show us everything you've
PABU BOYKEMURI Can't sleep once again too man
BIKEAGEKEMURI Running out of time again Wher
TIME BOMBKEMURI If you wanna make the move the
I KNOW WHAT YOU WANTKEMURI 6, 4's make 98 You're not goin
INVADERSKEMURI Longboats have been sighted an
CAN'T STAND LOSING YOUKEMURI I've called you so many times
MOTORVATIN'KEMURI Well, I have a Saturday night
STICKIN IN MY EYEKEMURI When I look 'round, I only see
AUTOMATICKEMURI I think, I think I know it all
WALK THIS WAYKEMURI Backstroke lover always hidin'
PARTY AT GROUND ZEROKEMURI Party at ground zero A B movie
SUNNY SIDE UP!KEMURI Sunny Side Up! Sunny Side Up!
shining starsKEMURI When I gaze on shining stars,
I am proudKEMURI Open up your mind and feel the
My HandsKEMURI Sometimes I look at my hands..
ima-sorewo-hikarini-kaete-susume!KEMURI 衝撃よ 呼び醒ませ! 心奥深く
MADNESSKEMURI Can you feel that the shadow's
smallest big smileKEMURI Are we ready? Are we ready? Ar
brand new worldKEMURI I couldn't lie to the anger in
Ve-Ri-HaKEMURI So many tears and sadness echo
Standing in the rainKEMURI Throw some bricks and break th
Mr. SMILINGKEMURI Hey, Mr. SMILING! Your smile m
Here rise the sun againKEMURI Mud on my hands... Blue in the
sky without a cloudKEMURI Under the gray sky we lose hop
Unexpected ThunderKEMURI Step by step to the promised l
shameless gloryKEMURI Children looking to the sky fo
STAND UP!KEMURI Slowly... the Ferris wheel is
surferKEMURI He was tired of all the doubt
Old White BoatKEMURI Seven years of bad luck! We st
sloven saintsKEMURI They met at a punk rock show..
Don't worryKEMURI Hey, my friend! Don't you worr
one dropKEMURI What's going on? What's going