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Funny BunnyELLEGARDEN Ah 王様の声に逆らって ばれちゃ
高架線ELLEGARDEN ほんの少し前に 手に入れたよう
Space SonicELLEGARDEN Insane I feel ashamed when the
AcropolisELLEGARDEN Is it something I can see Is i
MarieELLEGARDEN Seventeen nights away She's le
Gunpowder ValentineELLEGARDEN I was what I thought That's wh
MissingELLEGARDEN 朱く染まる空 夜の合図が 今日も
Alternative PlansELLEGARDEN Dreaming of the day We have so
WinterELLEGARDEN Cables, TVs, Batteries, Bridge
アッシュELLEGARDEN 綺麗な言葉で片付ける君が 誰よ
Fire CrackerELLEGARDEN Now I Finally understand We're
SalamanderELLEGARDEN There ain't no fear There ain'
Red HotELLEGARDEN Wake me up before you leave I'