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BECAUSE / BEAT CRUSADERS1 BECAUSE anybody reprised feeling urge to cheat oh, tell me what it's
FEEL / BEAT CRUSADERS2 FEEL The time left me alone All my friends are gone Nothing's eve
3 HIT IN THE USA I've never dreamed before I'm gonna knock the door Into theアニメ「BECK」主題歌
DAY AFTER DAY / BEAT CRUSADERS4 DAY AFTER DAY Laughing, stranding, standing, 'Cos our life is just a tramp「X−TRAIL JAM IN TOKYO DOME」イメージソング
SOLITAIRE / BEAT CRUSADERS5 SOLITAIRE But you were born in this world with no love But you're not「2006 WBC」イメージソング
TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT / BEAT CRUSADERS6 TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT Woke up with yawning, it's dawning I'm still alive Turned onアニメ「BLEACH」オープニングテーマ
I WANNA GO TO THE DISKO / BEAT CRUSADERS7 I WANNA GO TO THE DISKO I wanna go to the disko Want you have fun I wanna go to the
MEMORIES / BEAT CRUSADERS8 MEMORIES I was here long time ago There is no trace of those days Cl
OVERKILL / BEAT CRUSADERS9 OVERKILL Yeah, Don't go Overkill my soul Yeah, Hold on Overkill my b
GHOST / BEAT CRUSADERS10 GHOST I saw a dream That the world's disappeared I thought I'd be
SECOND THAT EMOTION / BEAT CRUSADERS11 SECOND THAT EMOTION You'd better knock me out Just before you kneel down Won't y
CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE / BEAT CRUSADERS12 CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE Cum on feel the noize... Cum on feel my love and destroy! Iマツモトキヨシ「MKカスタマー水虫薬シリーズ」CMソング
E.M.O / BEAT CRUSADERS13 E.M.O Darlin, without you Too much conversation Darlin, without yo
HEY×2 LOOK×2 / BEAT CRUSADERS14 HEY×2 LOOK×2 Buzz, buzz, up and down Mikey's come to town From the U.S.A.
PERFECT DAY / BEAT CRUSADERS15 PERFECT DAY Too many years go passing by Nobody seems around here You ne
TREASON / BEAT CRUSADERS16 TREASON Ah, Raise a treason delights love Raise a treason tonight...
ANOTHER TIME/ANOTHER STORY / BEAT CRUSADERS17 ANOTHER TIME/ANOTHER STORY Find The missing time That left behind you lonely long befor
MIGHTY BLOW / BEAT CRUSADERS18 MIGHTY BLOW This is all everything is yours This is all and I give you a
LET'S ESCAPE TOGETHER / BEAT CRUSADERS19 LET'S ESCAPE TOGETHER One fine day On my way There's a bear In a deep forest Run
ZENITH / BEAT CRUSADERS20 ZENITH There's no someday Don't postpone Ain't no sunshine Don't yo
WINTERLONG / BEAT CRUSADERS21 WINTERLONG I'll never say good-bye To our prime forever And I feel likeアニメ「獣神演武」オープニングテーマ
JAPANESE GIRL / BEAT CRUSADERS22 JAPANESE GIRL Someone knockin' sliding paper doors And you nod in beautifu
TIME FLIES, EVERYTHING GOES / BEAT CRUSADERS23 TIME FLIES, EVERYTHING GOES time flies, everything goes time flies, everything goes time
LEMON HEAD / BEAT CRUSADERS24 LEMON HEAD i don't think there will be squall i don't think there will
SHOOTING STAR / BEAT CRUSADERS25 SHOOTING STAR i got to miss you since you've been gone with tears i got to
GARDEN IN THE SHELL / BEAT CRUSADERS26 GARDEN IN THE SHELL easy money is hiding in the sand everybody's trying to dig t
WORK IT OUT / BEAT CRUSADERS27 WORK IT OUT i got a sliver drifting on the wave i got a shiver twisting
CHINESE JET SET / BEAT CRUSADERS28 CHINESE JET SET girl in the class nice in the Mao this is my first teenage
OLGADIES / BEAT CRUSADERS29 OLGADIES every single day i was just goofing when i looked her way i
LET'S GET BACK / BEAT CRUSADERS30 LET'S GET BACK i'm searching a ray of light i'm lonely wow oh i'm casting
SOLDIERS IN MY SOUL / BEAT CRUSADERS31 SOLDIERS IN MY SOUL i'm going to fall in into ground over my head i'm calling r
SHOOT THE SKY / BEAT CRUSADERS32 SHOOT THE SKY i never trust in that top speed i never stop any posers or f
SUMMEREND / BEAT CRUSADERS33 SUMMEREND this is a sound of summerend the summer ends the silence com
JIVE / BEAT CRUSADERS34 JIVE down to the city then you find yourself dizzy, Johnny it's
35 Have You Seen Her Happy? have you ever tried to reborn to be strong than you've ever映画「小森生活向上クラブ」主題歌
36 PHANTOM PLANET Anybody knows We're standing on the ground Anybody knows Theプレイステーション3用ゲームソフト「リトルビッグプラネット」CMソング
37 LAST GOOD-BYE I know I got words The world is open wide I would like to kn
38 LOVE DISCHORD She was standing on the sunny hill Breathing every single pl
39 BANG! BANG! Hey!Hey! Pretty girl! Don't you know you're beautiful? Hey!H
40 LOVEPOTION #9 I keep Watching over the wall 'Cos I wait The great escape
41 ISOLATIONS Isolations got to wrap you around one morning Don't you trad
42 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW I can see clearly now the rain is gone I can see all obstacl
43 IMAGINE? Do You Imagine? I Was Stroking So Hard To Shine Do You Imagi
LET IT GO / BEAT CRUSADERS44 LET IT GO Here it comes Here we're standing All along Nothing lasts N
LIFE IN THE NATION / BEAT CRUSADERS45 LIFE IN THE NATION Blessed feeling I got a blessed feeling Blessed feeling 'Cos
Situation / BEAT CRUSADERS46 Situation This is the problem of my own She's never loved me all along
Give It Up / BEAT CRUSADERS47 Give It Up Let's talk about with me "Friday, I'm in love" The best fore
Satanic Saints / BEAT CRUSADERS48 Satanic Saints Hi, you look bad Long time no see you in a while Hi, you loo
FREEDOM / BEAT CRUSADERS49 FREEDOM Oh, you walked into the hall Oh, with slamming every door Oh
EVERYBODY HATES MY GUITAR SOUND / BEAT CRUSADERS50 EVERYBODY HATES MY GUITAR SOUND Everybody hates my guitar sound Don't know why they hate myアニメ「BLEACH」オープニングテーマ
OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL / BEAT CRUSADERSOTHER SIDE OF THE WALL Anybody, set me free With heavy ball & chain In dirty Jail a
WINDOM / BEAT CRUSADERSWINDOM Nothing's gonna ever let me down Nothing's gonna ever get me
NOTHING TO LOSE / BEAT CRUSADERSNOTHING TO LOSE The sun goes down and out Something to stop inside It's soon
SAIL ON! HAIL ON! / BEAT CRUSADERSSAIL ON! HAIL ON! Sail on! Hail on! Nothing's gonna last Sail on! Hail on! Tr
GET UP! GET UP! / BEAT CRUSADERSGET UP! GET UP! Wow, we got a whole lotta new ideas Wow, we say good-bye lon
SAY GOOD-NIGHT / BEAT CRUSADERSSAY GOOD-NIGHT Say good-night Under the moon Hushaby To all the human race
SUPERCOLLIDER / BEAT CRUSADERSSUPERCOLLIDER I don't know reasons why you cry I don't know reasons why yo
B.A.D. / BEAT CRUSADERSB.A.D. I should find Want you bad Love is only Sleeping all the day
SENSATION / BEAT CRUSADERSSENSATION She said there is no future I don't think that's right I got
GIRL FRIDAY / BEAT CRUSADERSGIRL FRIDAY Iceberg is on the way There's no time to escape Then we got
FOLLOW ME / BEAT CRUSADERSFOLLOW ME Follow me Baby, I won't let you leave If you believe in me A

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