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Dreamer / BENNIE BECCA1 Dreamer Do a little riddle It's not a game we play or the goal we ai
So Bad / BENNIE BECCA2 So Bad It's not me The girl who lies to please Not me The girl that
KAMINARI GIRL / BENNIE BECCA3 KAMINARI GIRL You're pressing down but it won't stop the bleeding (Sure yo
Narita Express / BENNIE BECCA4 Narita Express Someone is going to meet someone Someone is saying goodbye t
You & Me / BENNIE BECCA5 You & Me Every time I wake up in the morning I'm wishing you getting
明日/with Blaise Plant(MONKEY MAJIK) / BENNIE BECCA6 明日/with Blaise Plant(MONKEY MAJIK) 明日 会えたら What to say? 気持ちを伝えたい 笑わないで 耳を
Japaneedle / BENNIE BECCA7 Japaneedle Ah Ah I got my needle Vaccinate you with my needle You want
Dilemmas / BENNIE BECCA8 Dilemmas I don't know where to start with dilemmas of the heart Just
Don't Save Me / BENNIE BECCA9 Don't Save Me Every time I see you, I can't stop I can't do the right thin
Cinderella Syndrome / BENNIE BECCA10 Cinderella Syndrome Tres! Dos! Uno! Keep on moving people!!! Let your body feel
2012 / BENNIE BECCA11 2012 “This is 2012! Is anybody out there?” When the moon eats th
The Beginning / BENNIE BECCA12 The Beginning This world is like a dead man's walking There's no feeling a

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