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1 ANOTHER MOMENT Are we stuck where we can't goドラマ「仮面同窓会」主題歌
2 SHINING OVER YOU You were the love I've alwaysNINTENDO GAMECUBE「バテン・カイトス」CM ソング
3 SET IN STONE A jealousy grows in his head I
4 MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION I know what I've seen Midnight
5 GLAMOROUS SKY [ENGLISH VER.] I could have seen the other si
6 COUNTDOWN Embraced in all desires 欲しが映画「ステルス」日本版テーマ
7 ORDINARY WORLD Came in from a rainy Thursday
8 UNEXPECTED Unexpected Promises woven Une
9 SICK (feat. Matt B of From Ashes to New) I'm not sick I'm not the fool
10 監獄ROCK 実態 masquerade 社会 大衆善人
- - - ◆ 曲名      - - - ◆ 歌い出し - - - ◆ ミニ情報   
11 FAKE DIVINE Destroying my faith No, I won'
12 I CAN FEEL Feel, I can feel you - the bli
13 SEASON'S CALL 絡み付く風に逆らい失った季節をアニメ「BLOOD+」オープニング
14 TWO FACE You claim the heart in me You'
15 MAD QUALIA (Japanese Version) Answer me how it feels withinCAPCOM「デビル メイ クライ 5」イメージソング
16 WHO'S GONNA SAVE US Broken hearts and battle scars
17 HIDEAWAY Come on and take a walk outsid
19 OUT I'm not afraid, of standing ou
20 LION I'm a lion in a freak show, Wi
21 KISS OF DEATH そばに来て 崩れゆく抑制 ボクを
22 THE OTHER SIDE And the sea Waits to bring me
23 MADE IN HEAVEN Made in heaven, I'm your creat
24 FAITH I entrust my will to you Love
25 HONEY ずっと眺めていた 遠く幼い頃か
26 AFTER LIGHT Into this hole I sink Nowhere
27 MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION II I know what I've seen Midnight
28 EVERGREEN [DIST.] I lie awake beside the windows
29 THE CAPE OF STORMS So where do I sail? A ship los
30 JESUS CHRIST Jesus Christ, I believe you Th
31 DOLLY It won't be long now till scie
32 PERFECT MOMENT Ah, the sun is born of night,
33 MISSION Come and dance with me All we
34 IT'S SAD そう我は人間と呼ばれる最悪の悪
35 MASQUERADE (BLESS) Lord, please shine yo
36 HELLO 目覚めたのは夢の後 偽りだらけいろメロミックスCMソング
37 SWEET VANILLA Sweet Vanilla I give myself to
38 PRAYER I'm crossing the borderline Wi
39 HORIZON あこがれは遥か蜃気楼の彼方 ひ映画「スカイハイ 劇場版」主題歌
40 Angel's tale 胸の奥閉じ込めた 遠い日の大切

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