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So long / GOOD4NOTHING1 So long Today I woke up alone Last night was out of control and I ca
27 / GOOD4NOTHING2 27 Don't tell me what im feeling Don't tell me to believe it Th
Change The World / GOOD4NOTHING3 Change The World If you wanna be a rock star I will let you go I don't think
Never Too Late / GOOD4NOTHING4 Never Too Late Do what you want to, it's gonna be fine Way too much, rum a
Flying high / GOOD4NOTHING5 Flying high This is gonna be alright, we will be fine Theres no one else
UNIONWAY / GOOD4NOTHING6 UNIONWAY Do you remember the feeling that we had so long ago I dont k
Honest with myself / GOOD4NOTHING7 Honest with myself Oh I can go, I can go anywhere, I know Oh you can go, you ca
Day after day / GOOD4NOTHING8 Day after day This weekend! I think about what I wanna do its only monday
Count To Four / GOOD4NOTHING9 Count To Four Yesterday I saw you in the early afternoon Talking to somebo
Something Real / GOOD4NOTHING10 Something Real I can hide it but you will find it. Everything you feel is s
Never Back Down / GOOD4NOTHING11 Never Back Down My wants and needs Something I know but you have changed you
Run Away!! / GOOD4NOTHING12 Run Away!! I see this every day The channels never change I hate the wo
The Answer / GOOD4NOTHING13 The Answer Standing on the corner of my life It's time to make it right
film / GOOD4NOTHING14 film My life is like a story in a film, I wanna show Our memories
RIGHT NOW / GOOD4NOTHING15 RIGHT NOW I never Forever No time to give up, right now I never Foreve

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