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Another world Look into the mirror I see mys
Without you Why does my heart ache? When I
Way to go Let's walk! Let's walk! Let's
COLORS (English Version) And now I know, the moment I'm
kiss my cheek I really miss you every mornin
Can Do(English Version) Listen up, it's not a time to
KUUSOU MESOROGII (English Version) ConsentesDei Juno Juppiter Min
Call out my name (English Version) There's nothing to believe in
THIRD PARTY What is justice? What is evil?
SURVIVE Save my world 革命のゲーム 差
The Reason of Kindness (English Version) By the window I can feel the b
Shiny Girl 心のどこかで 泣いているのかい
Shine I want to go 住み慣れたこの街
Sincerely (English Version) I'm learning new words everyda
START Today is an amazing day キラキ
Sword of my soul I close my eyes 息をとめて I a
Daylight Tears streaming down your sorr
Neverland Fantasy ここ以外 知らない僕 飛べない羽
HAPPY LIFE 新しい生活 Wake up! Morning ca
HIBANA 産み落とされた孤独な世界で 誰
Be the one たったひとつの事だけ 分からな
Because of you Whenever close my eyes I can s
Bitter chocolate moon 夢の途中を語り合って 星の行方
Beyond the Boundary (English Version) Drop of tear of loneliness fal
Fireworks Please let me go Before it's t
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BLACK STAR 先が読めなくてMayday 管巻いて
BRAND NEW OLD You and I are rivals 一瞬の騒
BLUE ROSE knows 生まれる前に決めてきたんだ I w
Platina (English Version) I'm a dreamer Mystery power M
My Evolution 先のみえない世界なんて 今に始
My Journey 夢と現実の狭間で 聴こえてきた
Make Me Feel Better 光の向こう 光の向こう側へ Can
You and I I don't know why You say 'hey!
Like Flames Fate repeats all over again Th
love my friends Tell me あなたのこと I don't k
Little Soldier (English Version) I trust you, for you believed


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