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I Saw You Yesterdayの歌詞一覧
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White Out1 White Out White out And you will feel it
Topia2 Topia Honey, feel me like nobody Freely
Beach Babe3 Beach Babe In the long summertime Waiting
Hometown4 Hometown Here we go To see what we never
The Glare5 The Glare I was lost in the air There is
City Girl6 City Girl Hey, I just want to say that I
Feel It Like You See It7 Feel It Like You See It The fading sliver lights on the
Calm Days8 Calm Days Sleep again in another sorrow Nothing
Wander9 Wander I was wandering around and closing
Still New10 Still New Sweat days I'd never wanna lose
Float Away11 Float Away Days are streaming Let all float


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