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Always You / miletAlways YouNEW歌詞 It's always you, always you 誰
Love When I Cry / miletLove When I Cry歌詞 覆いつくすミッドナイト 無音の
My Dreams Are Made Of Hell / miletMy Dreams Are Made Of Hell歌詞 Head shoulders knees and toes
Walkin' In My Lane / miletWalkin' In My Lane歌詞 わかってないとか言われたって
Somebody -Acoustic Session- / miletSomebody -Acoustic Session-歌詞 街はまだ 眠るなか 通り抜け流し
Before the Dawn / miletBefore the Dawn歌詞 The sky is dark But I'm going
SEVENTH HEAVEN / miletSEVENTH HEAVEN歌詞 What are you waiting for? Let
Outsider / miletOutsider歌詞 Shut up, you're asking too muc
Loved By You / miletLoved By You歌詞 Have you ever felt empty insid
On the Edge / miletOn the Edge歌詞 Hey 引き返すための言い訳は聞か
Shed a light / miletShed a light歌詞 Don't try to hide it, shed a l
邂逅 / milet邂逅歌詞 夢から覚めるとき そばにいてく
jam with iri / miletjam with iri歌詞 I'm alright You're just readin
Come Here (Session1) / miletCome Here (Session1)歌詞 You could never handle me How
One Reason / miletOne Reason歌詞 It's time to give up But I jus
Flare / miletFlare歌詞 流されまいと先回りしてた今日を
Wake Me Up / miletWake Me Up歌詞 Give me a minute 'Cause I need
Fly High / miletFly High歌詞 You fly high ただ笑っていた そ
Time Is On Our Side / miletTime Is On Our Side歌詞 当てにならない妄想 no more ま
Castle / miletCastle歌詞 I couldn't find me in your hea
Hit the Lights / miletHit the Lights歌詞 Here we are Turn your back on
Ordinary days / miletOrdinary days歌詞 願わくば、そう 悲劇よりも 喜劇
checkmate / miletcheckmate歌詞 It's 4 am You must be obsessed
Who I Am / miletWho I Am歌詞 I'm trying to keep my head hig
The Hardest / miletThe Hardest歌詞 I've been flying But I've been
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One Touch / miletOne Touch歌詞 One touch... and I fell in lov
Ashes / miletAshes歌詞 The only place I'm happy is my
航海前夜 / milet航海前夜歌詞 境界線上の端で踊る Ice caps 遠
Tell me / miletTell me歌詞 If you need me, I'm here I've
Wonderland / miletWonderland歌詞 やがて風は泣き止んだ さぁ目を
Prover / miletProver歌詞 踏み込んだ shadow land 楽園な
Parachute / miletParachute歌詞 Parachute 行き場のない Parachu
Somebody / miletSomebody歌詞 街はまだ 眠るなか 通り抜け流し
Grab the air / miletGrab the air歌詞 How long has it been? 雨は泣き
STAY / miletSTAY歌詞 It's not a big deal, baby 面倒
Dome / miletDome歌詞 Is this heaven or an endless n
Until I Die / miletUntil I Die歌詞 Everyday I am praying 夢なら覚
Without Your Love / miletWithout Your Love歌詞 I was staring at the ceiling f
The Love We've Made / miletThe Love We've Made歌詞 Now I see me through your eyes
Drown / miletDrown歌詞 Feeling like I'm almost there,
You & I / miletYou & I歌詞 I just wanna know about you 選
Fine Line / miletFine Line歌詞 One, 綱を渡るの今は Two, 強い
Imaginary Love / miletImaginary Love歌詞 You take my breath away I know
us / miletus歌詞 好きだと言ってしまえば 何かが
Diving Board / miletDiving Board歌詞 Dancing in the light Crying in
Rewrite / miletRewrite歌詞 We're all in a movie We know a
Fire Arrow / miletFire Arrow歌詞 Now I hear the sound 砕ける音
inside you / miletinside you歌詞 Where you're going まだ明けな
Again and Again / miletAgain and Again歌詞 Why? それでも何かがあると思っ
Waterfall / miletWaterfall歌詞 ホログラムみたいなサウンド 見
I Gotta Go / miletI Gotta Go歌詞 Finally you said goodbye, Oh I


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