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I Gotta Go歌詞 Finally you said goodbye, Oh I
Outsider歌詞 Shut up, you're asking too muc
Again and Again歌詞 Why? それでも何かがあると思っ
us歌詞 好きだと言ってしまえば 何かが
Ashes歌詞 The only place I'm happy is my
Until I Die歌詞 Everyday I am praying 夢なら覚
Imaginary Love歌詞 You take my breath away I know
inside you歌詞 Where you're going まだ明けな
Into The Mirror歌詞 Hey yo We could be better We c
Without Your Love歌詞 I was staring at the ceiling f
Wake Me Up歌詞 Give me a minute 'Cause I need
Walkin' In My Lane歌詞 わかってないとか言われたって
Waterfall歌詞 ホログラムみたいなサウンド 見
Anytime Anywhere歌詞 And you alright Can you hear m
Ordinary days歌詞 願わくば、そう 悲劇よりも 喜劇
Always You歌詞 It's always you, always you 誰
On the Edge歌詞 Hey 引き返すための言い訳は聞か
邂逅歌詞 夢から覚めるとき そばにいてく
Come Here (Session1)歌詞 You could never handle me How
Castle歌詞 I couldn't find me in your hea
Clan歌詞 I just came here to find out I
Grab the air歌詞 How long has it been? 雨は泣き
航海前夜歌詞 境界線上の端で踊る Ice caps 遠
Somebody歌詞 街はまだ 眠るなか 通り抜け流し
Somebody -Acoustic Session-歌詞 街はまだ 眠るなか 通り抜け流し
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The Hardest歌詞 I've been flying But I've been
The Love We've Made歌詞 Now I see me through your eyes
Shed a light歌詞 Don't try to hide it, shed a l
jam with iri歌詞 I'm alright You're just readin
STAY歌詞 It's not a big deal, baby 面倒
SEVENTH HEAVEN歌詞 What are you waiting for? Let
Time Is On Our Side歌詞 当てにならない妄想 no more ま
Diving Board歌詞 Dancing in the light Crying in
checkmate歌詞 It's 4 am You must be obsessed
Tell me歌詞 If you need me, I'm here I've
December歌詞 I went walking home Walking wi
Dome歌詞 Is this heaven or an endless n
Drown歌詞 Feeling like I'm almost there,
Noel In July歌詞 La la la la la Love like summe
Parachute歌詞 Parachute 行き場のない Parachu
Hit the Lights歌詞 Here we are Turn your back on
Before the Dawn歌詞 The sky is dark But I'm going
Who I Am歌詞 I'm trying to keep my head hig
Final Call歌詞 Oh something's wrong but it se
Fire Arrow歌詞 Now I hear the sound 砕ける音
Fine Line歌詞 One, 綱を渡るの今は Two, 強い
Fly High歌詞 You fly high ただ笑っていた そ
Flare歌詞 流されまいと先回りしてた今日を
b r o k e n歌詞 I ease all away So you can't d
Prover歌詞 踏み込んだ shadow land 楽園な
Hey Song歌詞 もう頭は overload 食べ尽くした
HELL CLUB歌詞 目覚めることはないまま Feel so
My Dreams Are Made Of Hell歌詞 Head shoulders knees and toes
You & I歌詞 I just wanna know about you 選
You made it歌詞 Finally you made it right I co
Loved By You歌詞 Have you ever felt empty insid
Love When I Cry歌詞 覆いつくすミッドナイト 無音の
Living My Life歌詞 飲み込んだ いつも 鋭い声を ぎ
Rewrite歌詞 We're all in a movie We know a
One Touch歌詞 One touch... and I fell in lov
Wonderland歌詞 やがて風は泣き止んだ さぁ目を
One Reason歌詞 It's time to give up But I jus


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