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ASH feat. Vaundy歌詞 People say time is going fast
A New Day feat. Phum Viphurit歌詞 I've been feeling lonely. I wo
It's All For Us歌詞 何も見えない 眩しすぎて暗い 紛
It's Who We Are歌詞 A boring sunday is the situati
It's Who We Are (CraftBeatz Remix) feat. 唾奇歌詞 どんなfashion & tension着込ん
In My Hand歌詞 Hello Dearいつかのmyself I hop
In Your Pocket歌詞 Sincerely, your friend ずっと
ain't on the map yet歌詞 I'm never sober Over and over
Ordinary歌詞 思い通りにはいかないけど それ
All to Myself歌詞 今言えるのは No one above you
Almost There歌詞 I bought a one way ticket もう
On and On歌詞 (On and On...) It's a one fine
Onliest歌詞 I have what I need and I got w
Kiss Me歌詞 It's hard to be a normal perso
Kiss You Back歌詞 Seven days in a week dream fli
Get Ready歌詞 Let me check it one two いつで
Silent Wonderland歌詞 Walking the wire the breeze wi
JUICE歌詞 How you doing? If I had a spoo
Super Sonic歌詞 One day I've got a new weapon
Supernova歌詞 In my dreams Met a girl that l
Sweet and Sour歌詞 I just posted my life いつも通
Sweet and Sour (BACHLOGIC Remix) feat. AKLO歌詞 異常な速さでTime Goes By まだ
STEP IT歌詞 Lovely sunlight 悪戯な smile
Stop Us Dreaming歌詞 I'm wide awake now I can't sle
Spellbound歌詞 Can I ask your name? You look
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Zero Gravity歌詞 A second from the past Stars a
CHAIN歌詞 It's all I got I gave all I ha
Toy Plane歌詞 Mama used to say Don't play wi
Together feat.BASI歌詞 着飾った jewelry 外してく度に
TOKYO歌詞 Pick up your celly yo Are you
Twilight歌詞 After the rain 町の街灯とハイ
NEW ERA (88 REMIX)歌詞 Cuz I don't have enough No sec
Heart Like a Pool歌詞 Once a day he used to say draw
Handcuffed歌詞 Take me where I belong You put
Be Alright feat. Mummy-D (RHYMESTER)歌詞 うつむいて 背中丸めて JeansのP
Focus On Me歌詞 I can't see where I'm going it
Follow Me歌詞 Follow me this town has gave a
Break Free歌詞 Sunset LA night Last call I go
VOICE歌詞 I'm the silent one 使い回され
MAGIC WAYS歌詞 The way you whisper in my ear,
Mumble Cast歌詞 We have a chance Twice a month
LUCK歌詞 All around the world There is
Ring Ring Ring歌詞 余韻が彩る normal day Cuz I ha
Look Up歌詞 Baby baby baby tell me why you
Lost Game歌詞 Hello my dear 運命は不条理って
Rock Me Now歌詞 Flipping my diary Repeating hi
Lonely歌詞 Walking all alone through the


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