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ソラのパレードソラのパレード Alone I walked 旅した この地球
NightmareNightmare Oh mommy, oh mommy, oh mommy p
LandlordLandlord You've been living Right benea
ROUND MIDNIGHTROUND MIDNIGHT It begins to tell, 'round midn
LullabyLullaby Close your eyes Lay your head
The Strange (Suit Made of Skin)The Strange (Suit Made of Skin) The roads untold Intuition lie
BANQUETBANQUET Open her eyes in the midst of
Empty MotionEmpty Motion I see you in my mind , just lo
The Lion is Calling MeThe Lion is Calling Me This concrete mind, descending
ひずみひずみ あなたがここから 消えてしまっ
あたたかい光あたたかい光 今日が今日に変わってゆく 明日


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