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I know歌詞 I know it seems so bold And I
Aware And Awake歌詞 I wanna live I wanna be aware
A DECADE IN THE RAIN歌詞 they said we were worthless si
A Tragic Instinct歌詞 Her face is stained from tears
Adrenaline歌詞 My heart keeps racing Now I'm
After dark歌詞 When the sun goes down I'll me
AFTERMATH歌詞 day by day by day It's like we
UNINVITED歌詞 Like anyone would be I am flat
ANSWER / SICKNESS歌詞 here we are slowly evolving? u
UNDERTOW歌詞 with the waves up over my head
Evolve歌詞 I've given all I have each day
INSIDE OUT歌詞 hate is hate I won't forgive a
INSOMNIA歌詞 with a cold embrace, you bring
We're not alone歌詞 Sunlight was the only thing th
8AM歌詞 Sunlight I can't remember why
8AM (Album Ver.)歌詞 Sunlight I can't remember why
F.T.T.T歌詞 I close my eyes and count to t
エレベイター歌詞 DA MUZIC FOR LIFE DA coming no
ENVY歌詞 I still remember when you used
Counterfeits & lies歌詞 Inside our TV screens 7 days a
Come awake歌詞 I can't believe that After all
COLORBLIND歌詞 what if I painted skies would
Carry On歌詞 the colors fade away and every
Given Up On You歌詞 It's all over, over I've just
COEXIST歌詞 aren't you afraid of the conse
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CALLING歌詞 15 years in the making 5 as 1
Confession歌詞 It's taken so much time to say
Survive歌詞 The sky has turned to gray As
Someday歌詞 You wake up to another day "Th
The War Is On歌詞 lie after lie the truth is abu
THE SIDE EFFECTS歌詞 one step forward two steps bac
The Maze歌詞 Sometimes it feels like nothin
The youth歌詞 We are the youth we are the kn
The Revelation歌詞 here we are, just let it go fo
SEE YOU歌詞 living in a haze counting down
Just Tonight歌詞 Just tonight Can we leave it a
JANUARY 1ST歌詞 I can't believe that it's over
STAY歌詞 someone told me time will heal
STAY THE COURSE歌詞 I thought that I could do this
SPEAK歌詞 you can run and hide but will
Time to go歌詞 He says he's had enough She sa
Time Bomb歌詞 life has been taken for grante
Die tomorrow歌詞 Nothing lasts forever So don't
Chasing Dreams歌詞 I used to live my life behind
Deja vu歌詞 She walks across a crowded str
To Be Alive歌詞 A dead silence surrounds me Wh
24-7歌詞 Speak again And I swear I will
Doors歌詞 I was standing in the dark Wit
New Fate歌詞 Do you remember how it used to
Next To You歌詞 we're hanging by a thread with
House Of Cards歌詞 she came to me suddenly like a
Hollow歌詞 Tell me what's the reason Why
PARADISE(Kill The Silence)歌詞 isolated keeping distance hold
Behind The Curtain歌詞 you live your life preying the
Believe歌詞 The pressure Is slowly eating
Final destination歌詞 I, I used to fear Am I falling
FEED THE FIRE歌詞 you think we're different? you
Fiction歌詞 She'd do just anything To get
Fiction (Album Ver.)歌詞 She'd do just anything To get
Fade Away歌詞 stop saying that you care acti
Falling Forever歌詞 you talk shit like you know it
BREATHE歌詞 you say you know best well it'
BURY ME歌詞 in an endless spiral I'm down
Painting歌詞 Some say we're wasting our tim
BORN TO BLEED歌詞 Is it to over now? or are we s
Voiceless歌詞 we are the servants of mass de
March On歌詞 like the stars in the sky we s
My Addiction歌詞 This is another song about a g
Miss you歌詞 I'm lying here on a bed My eye
MAYDAY feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake歌詞 take what you got and leave no
You歌詞 I see the sky inside your eyes
You Lie歌詞 you've played these games for
Rise And Fall歌詞 She walks down this street eve
LI(E)FE歌詞 in the age of ignorance we giv
R.I.P.歌詞 take a bow and rest in peace w
Rescue Me歌詞 I've been down this road befor
REVOLUTION歌詞 thinking out loud I see no sol
LOST IN FAITH歌詞 It's a shame we never learn we


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