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Anniversary feat. SONPUBAnniversary feat. SONPUB お正月は初詣 寺に賽銭投げて手
The Best TimeThe Best Time Hey you, don't get me wrong Ju
Be The OneBe The One Look through your spectacles,「2013年度 赤十字運動広報」CMソング
The Key feat. Emi MeyerThe Key feat. Emi Meyer Every day keeps passing me by
Just a Little Longer ft. Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80Just a Little Longer ft. Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80 Something in the way that you
MarathonMarathon 人生を例えるならマラソン 次の
He'eia 〜Jawaiian Mix〜 feat. MakanaHe'eia 〜Jawaiian Mix〜 feat. Makana Aia i He'eia la I ka nalu e he
FlowFlow 音に乗っかれ 波に乗ってけ Wave
UchiaketekureUchiaketekure Tell me all that is your heart
BoleroBolero Hello my friends We coming tog「2012年度 赤十字運動広報」CMソング
Summer Steppin'Summer Steppin' Sunset moonrise stars are comi
A-1A-1 We're the voices of the next g
The Come BackThe Come Back We back! Taking back the mic a
Catch me if you canCatch me if you can Catch me if you can We chasing
Surfer's ParadiseSurfer's Paradise 早起き sunrise got new feeling
おんがく♪MUSICおんがく♪MUSIC 人の心を結ぶのが音楽 傷ついた
The Dub DichotomyThe Dub Dichotomy As we walk on this plane of Ea
Rays of LightRays of Light なんかの帰り道 君を想って歩く
DreamDream 二人が出会って and they fall i
F.M.B!!F.M.B!! Just Do The Funky Monkey Baby
CanciÓn de la ExpansiÓn There once was this place full
このまま She's sweet, ambitious, loving
Power in da Musiq 〜Understanding あまり話すのは得意な方じゃない
Lift Up feat. Lafa Taylor The ire vibe is in the air and
Irie Got 〜ありがとうの詩〜 目を覚ましテレビをつけて ボー「めざましテレビ」テーマソング
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CanciÓn de la ExpansiÓn There once was this place full
Heroes What are we searching for Can'
Yamiagari I got so many things going on
Off The Edge feat. WISE 生まれてきては消えてゆくはかな
Get Real Beat, Rhyme, Flow Pitch, Note,
いのり feat. SAKURA それはまるでよせては返すさざ波
No Complaints We've all got so many things g
Who's The Coolest? Who's the coolest, what's the
Catch The Wave Catch the wave It started wit映画「Catch a Wave」主題歌
Broken Hearts I met you on a cold and rainyドラマ「ブラザー☆ビート」主題歌
Deep Blue いつもより少し早く起きた朝 そ
In Outside Def Tech junky straight up MC
Lokahi Lani Ua mau ke ea o ka' aina i ka p
My Way Def Tech sound Shen and Microドラマ「ブラザー☆ビート」挿入歌
High on Life Livin' the island life you lea
Future Child I said a give the children lov
Quality Of Life 今の今の今まで 女性は差別され


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