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ホーム > FAKE?

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AFGHAN Are you hearing me? This is t
ALL MY REASONS I'm living for all the times I
CLOSER TO MARILYN So here we are now Above the b
JUST LIKE BILLY Living inside his memory All y
TURTLEDOVE(introducing THE GLOW ROCK) Some are born without feelings
DEAR DOROTHY Hey you Hey you Did you wanna
NOT A MARILYN Down in my head, I like to fee
BUTTERFLY(DON' T SET MY SUN DOWN) Waiting here for you It's late
PULSE Sweeter than the Feeling of aアニメ「陰陽大戦記」オープニングテーマ
MARCH I can see the raindrops revers
USED TO BE A BAD THING Used to be a bad thing! See a
RETINA Sort my Billy's all around 'Ca


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