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NOT A MARILYN Down in my head, I like to feel
RETINA Sort my Billy's all around 'Cause
USED TO BE A BAD THING Used to be a bad thing! See all
BUTTERFLY(DON' T SET MY SUN DOWN) Waiting here for you It's late
AFGHAN Are you hearing me? This is the
MARCH I can see the raindrops reversing
DEAR DOROTHY Hey you Hey you Did you wanna get
TURTLEDOVE(introducing THE GLOW ROCK) Some are born without feelings
ALL MY REASONS I'm living for all the times I
CLOSER TO MARILYN So here we are now Above the blue
JUST LIKE BILLY Living inside his memory All you
PULSE Sweeter than the Feeling of a Feverアニメ「陰陽大戦記」オープニングテーマ


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