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TRUE ROMANCE1 TRUE ROMANCE Now I'm in true romance Feeling
TAKE ME TO THE STREETS2 TAKE ME TO THE STREETS When I wake up to a new day Punk
GHOST3 GHOST Where do you go after you die?
21st CENTURY DREAMS4 21st CENTURY DREAMS It's your 21st century dreams Will
SUMMERTIME5 SUMMERTIME Sometimes I tried to give up Sometimes
ON THE ROAD6 ON THE ROAD The world is calling me Wanna go
STRAY DOG7 STRAY DOG I'm howling I'm still howling I映画「25 NIJYU-GO」主題歌
STARTING OVER8 STARTING OVER Waking up I don't remember What
THE WORLD IS YOURS9 THE WORLD IS YOURS The world is yours It's easy if
JUST BECAUSE10 JUST BECAUSE I'm sorry for you For what I am
TRASH11 TRASH Gossip shows on TV I wanna see
FOREVER KID12 FOREVER KID Crazy! That I could stop drinking
DARLING13 DARLING Darling, darling I'll be with you
LET IT ROCK feat. JESSE14 LET IT ROCK feat. JESSE I didn't like authority Hated everything
WALK15 WALK Where are the good times? Gone
BREAK IT DOWN16 BREAK IT DOWN I don't wanna see the wall Break
GOOD TIMES17 GOOD TIMES I can feel it in your heart You


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